3 Mar 2012

A blog obsession

It's true, I have a total and complete blog obsession.  I don't know when it really started, but it's getting a bit out of control.  I look forward to getting to work every morning so I can check the blogs and see what neat and exciting things people have done overnight (never mind that I should actually be working!).  I am envious of those who are able to chronicle their lives via a blog and have a permanent record of everything that's so fantastic about their life.  I've been thinking about starting one for a while but honestly thought it was just a bit egotistical of me to think that anyone would want to hear about my every day gong show. I am going to finally take the plunge though, if for nothing else so that we can have a record of our crazy days as a young family.

The problem with reading blogs though (and following Pinterest like an addict) is that I every day I come up with a new and exciting project that I have to do right that very minute. Drop all of the other projects that are barely half complete and start another, that is sure to be much more fun and easy (NOT) than the first one. So my goal is to actually start and finish a project, and hopefully do a decent enough job that I am not totally embarrassed to chronicle it here.  The list of things that we want to do in our house is long - basement ceiling, paint the kitchen cabinets, new kitchen table, finish the living room decorating, paint the front door, redo the deck, finally get some baseboards in a master bedroom, etc, etc.  It's actually such a long list that Justin had to make a spreadsheet to keep track of it - and to make me set some sort of priorities.  The other wrinkle is that having an 8 month old who never stops moving and having a never ending list of stuff to do is sort of like mixing oil and water.  I swear that Fin has a radar that senses when I sit down to start something productive because she wakes up instantly.

Anyhow....that's the goal....to get stuff done and share along the way.  We shall see how it goes.....

PS. Here's a pic of us outside of our house. Thanks to my Mom for the window boxes (which I did manage to paint myself....a small, but accomplished (!!) project).  All Justin wants to do is rip those ugly plants out that are underneath of them....maybe this year....

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