22 Mar 2012

Blog on the Move

Yes, things are looking a little different around here.  You'll notice that my little blog has a whole new name, look and URL.  If you were redirected here from thisgongshowwecallife.blogspot.com I am glad that you have arrived and I hope the journey wasn't too painful!  If you are looking for a specific post please check out the archive to the right.

My blog is new and seemed a bit crazy to make a change already, but in true Kelly fashion I changed my mind about a few things.  

First was the name. I liked This Gong Show We Call Life when I first picked it but not long after I started blogging it started to bug me. It was too long, too hard for people to remember, too hard to type with so many Ls shoved together, and on and on.  Basically I just wasn't digging it. I was also having visions of the creators of the actual Gong Show somehow finding me and coming after me for royalties. I know, completely ridiculous but I just couldn't shake the feeling that I was using a trademarked name.

The other thing is that I wanted my own URL that didn't have .blogspot after it. I figured since I wanted to change the name this was as good of a time as any to change the URL too. So if you look up at your address bar you will notice that it's just a nice simple URL now. 

So, with that said.....

If you were a subscriber I beg and plead of you to please, please, please subscribe again to this new blog.  If you weren't a subscriber now's your golden opportunity.  There are two options for ya. You can subscribe by email or by RSS feed - your choice. Either way you will get my shiny new posts delivered right to you a few times a week.  If you had the old blog bookmarked in your favorites please update with this new one.  I know, it's a lot to ask of you and I'm sorry. Hang in there with me though, I promise this will be the last time I change the blog name!

Thanks so much for reading! The response to my little blog adventure has been astounding and I am so excited to share with you many crazy projects to come!  Up this weekend will be the Cornbread End Table......

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