23 Mar 2012

Cornbread End Table

About 6 months ago I bought a cute little side table for our living room off of Kijiji (like Craig's List) for $15. I thought it would be perfect as it was tall but still small.

You would like to see a before picture? Sorry, you're outta luck. That was long before this blog and long before I went around like a crazy woman snapping pictures of everything just in case I might need them here.

Anyhow, it was stained walnut and had an ugly knob and I didn't like it at all. I went to town on it with my can of  high gloss black spray paint but when it was done I didn't like that either. It was too shiny and too early 90s.

A few weeks ago I decided it was time to try again.

Since it was super black it was in need of some serious priming. I used Zinnser 1-2-3 Bullseye which is quickly becoming my new favorite primer. It's at Home Depot and is cheap compared to specialty paint stores. If you know me, you know I LOVE stuff that's cheap (cheap but nice....).

Here's the table looking a little zebra-esque. It was only at this point that I realized I had totally forgotten to take a picture while it was all black. I am noticing now that I really should have moved it off of the lovely colored play mats for the pictures - live and learn!  It took 2 coats of primer to completely cover the black.   

I decided that since this table was pretty small it could handle a bold color.  Conveniently enough, at the same time as I was at Home Depot picking up the primer they had a big display of Martha Steward sample pots that they were clearing out for only $1 each. I couldn't resist. I picked up a pot in the color Cornbread and figured I would use it down the road for some other project.

When I got home I realized that Cornbread actually matched quite well with some art we have planned for the living room. And so, the cornbread table was born.

Surprisingly enough the Martha Stewart paint actually covered quite well.  It only took two coats with a foam roller.

As an aside, here's a little tip for you if you also happen to find the clearance Martha Stewart paint. It has a built in brush that is attached to the lid.  It does state it quite clearly on the label that there is a brush, but if you are anything like me you have no reason to actually read the label aside from confirming the color. I can tell you now from experience that if you unscrew the cap and lift it off at the speed of light the paint that was on the brush will fly all over your room.  You will then have to run around like a chicken with its head cut off looking for some paper towel so that you can wipe the paint off the wall before it dries.  Maybe that is why it was on clearance.

After I let it dry overnight I coated the table in poly.  Since it was going to be in our living and subject to some wear and tear I figured it would benefit from the extra layer. 

I went a bit insane quirky and used the door knob from our coffee table as the drawer pull. It's hugely over sized but I think it gives it some character. And yes, I did say the door knob from the coffee table. Our coffee table is made from an old door. 

Sorry about the dog butt in this pic. He would not move for love or milkbones. He really is a bit of a camera whore.

The sad part of this whole story is that I wanted cornbread so bad the whole time I was painting. You would think that the smell of paint would turn me off but oh no. I think I am a bit too food obsessed. I am hoping that once the table is in our living room for some amount of time I will stop thinking about cornbread every time I look at it.  Some chili and cornbread sure would be good about now though.....

Notice how the dog managed to work his way into this picture too??? He is skilled that way.

Special shout out to Lollipop Workshop who crafted our beautiful wedding cake topper that is sitting on the cornbread table. I still love it as much now as I did 2 years ago and am very glad that I dug it out of the cake icing to haul back from our wedding in Mexico.

The next project for the living room is to tackle the huge credenza. I am still trying to decide between white and cornbread for it....once I have that figured out I'll be sure to let you know. 

Have a great weekend!

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