28 Mar 2012

Oops, I did it again

Remember when I went to buy a treadmill and came home with a credenza? If not, you can read all about it here.

Well....oops, I did it again.....

I started out with the best intentions. We are in the final stages of finishing our basement, which has taken the better part of two years and most of my sanity. It's finished enough that we decided to move our TV down a couple of months ago, so now we spend much of our evenings downstairs.  To the right of the couch is this:

This is what I see out of the corner of my eye while watching TV and it's starting to drive me nuts.  My plan is to find a mirror or a frame that I can add a mirror to, or a print, or something just to cover up the hideous electrical panel.  I made it home from work early the other day and decided to stop in at the Salvation Army to see if they had any good frames. Before I went in I had an internal pep talk telling myself I wouldn't buy anything except a frame. We don't need anything else - we have way too many projects as it is.

Here's what I loaded into my car after half an hour of perusing the Salvation Army for a frame.

But seriously, I couldn't pass it up! Clearly I have issues. It was screaming Mad Men and I had to have it. I love Mad Men and since I had just watched the Season Premiere I had all things Mad Men on the brain. Isn't it awesome? I think a face lift is in order. I have big plans for this lamp....

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