4 Mar 2012

Organizing Smorganizing

I used to be one of those people who did things ad hoc - then I had a kid.  All of a sudden I had limited time to get things done and was so tired that the option of starting a project at 9 p.m. was long gone. I went back to work in January and was feeling slightly overwhelmed with everything that needed to get done in the house.  After all, now I only had 2 hours a day to see Fin before she went to bed and to try and pick up all her toys, make lunch for the next day, etc, etc, etc.

I won't go into the details here as Modern Parents Messy Kids does a much better job explaining it than I ever could.  I can't say that I have followed it to to a tee, but I have tried to incorporate a few of the ideas into our daily life.  Having a daily cleaning schedule on the fridge is actually working (mine is WAY shorter than suggested in the project), and it's totally lame but I sure get excited about crossing off that I wiped the counter tops!  If you are needing some motivation to organize I highly recommend you check it out.

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