27 Mar 2012

When Things Don't Go Right

I have been working on a project for a few nights now and am in the final stages, which requires me to figure out some picture frames.  The prints that I have are 8.5" X 11" and I didn't really want to cut them down to 8" X 10", and I for sure didn't want to pay $10 a frame since I need 4 of them.  I found some document frames at Wal-Mart for $1.97 each and figured they would be great. Easy to spray paint and 8.5" X 11" to boot.

I'd love you to think that everything I do is great and I just whip these things up in a few minutes, but let's be honest here - that is the furthest thing from the truth.  And perfect is boring, right?  I am a bit of a spaz sometimes, and many times I don't have the patience I should, which results in some pretty epic fails.  Last night was one.....

Here's what I learned:

1.   When you see $1.97 frames in Wal-Mart it's probably too good to be true.

2. Cheap frames are just plain cheap! I am sure I just chucked them in the cart, the cashier chucked them in the bag and then I probably dropped the bag on the floor when I got in the door.  All of this chucking and dropping  resulted in two of the frames being cracked.

3. Hot glue and cheap plastic are sort of like oil and water - they don't want to be together.....at all...no matter how hard you will it.

4. When you let the dog out just before you are ready to go out he will poop right in your path to the garage. Flip flops, snow and dog poo also don't mix.

5. Turn the heater on in the garage BEFORE going out to paint.  March in Alberta at 9 pm is still cold, especially in dog poo covered flip flops!

6. Spray painting on carpet is a bad idea. We had just recycled all of our newspaper and I needed something to spray paint on, when I spotted some old carpet in the corner of the garage (it was headed to the dump).  I spread it out and had a big debate with myself if I should put the carpet side up or the backside up.  In my head I was thinking "I bet the frames would be better on the fluffy side, they could just rest on the fluff".  Seriously, not my finest thought...and the painting hadn't even started yet so I can't blame it on the fumes.

7. Shag carpet sticks to wet paint. 'Nuf said.

8. Layering on the paint really thick will NOT fill in the gaps created from the cracks and the copious amounts of hot glue.

Once I calm down enough about the disaster that is the 4 cheapy plastic document frames I will work on fixing them or come up with something altogether new.  If all goes well (which isn't looking so good at this point) I'll have a finished project to show you by the weekend.

Have a great week, I hope it started off better than mine.

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