8 Apr 2012

A Credenza Gets New Life

Our credenza makeover is finally done, and am I ever glad.  The credenza is so big that we couldn't move it out to the garage to paint so we moved it into our entryway onto the lino, and it blocked the hall closet for a week. It was really starting to drive me nuts so I am very happy that it's moved back into it's spot. 

You can read about how the credenza became ours here.

It started out looking like this:

I wiped it all down then took off the hardware and took out the shelf and two drawers.  Unfortunately the door hinges were screwed in such a weird way that we couldn't get them off.  I then primed it using Zinsser 1-2-3 Bullseye primer.  This primer is amazing - it covers really well and dries super fast so you can get 2 coats done in an evening. 

Here it is after 1 coat of primer:

And after 2 coats:

I then used 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Advance paint in Ballet White.  I went back and forth on a color choice for this bad boy quite a bit. I couldn't decide between yellow and white, but finally landed on Ballet White. It's such a large piece that I figure it's going to be with us for a while and want it to be able to work into another house.  The Ballet White also matches the little end table that I redid a while back. 

I used a foam roller and small foam brush and it covered in 2 coats.  I ran out of paint right at the end and didn't have enough to finish the inside of the cupboard, but that was solved with the use of some fun Con-Tact paper. You can read more about the Con-Tact paper here.

Here it is after the paint and Cont-Tact paper:

BM Advance paint is awesome as it dries to a really hard enamel....but only after 5 days. So you finish painting and then have to stare at the piece for 5 days not touching it, waiting for it dry.  It's a big challenge for me as patience isn't one of my strong suits. I managed to do it though (even keeping Fin from crawling on it), and after 5 days we moved it back into it's home.

And dressed it up:

The DIY brass bookends found their home again and look much better on the white than they did on the dark wood.  I also picked up an orchid at Home Depot to put in the little red vase.  I have been struggling with finding something to fill the empty space that is above the credenza and below the stairs. It's a major challenge since it's on an angle. I've tried pictures but they all look a bit crooked when hung under the angled wall.  I think this orchid solves the problem though. 

Inside we store Fin's toys on one side and extra dishes on the other side.

A filing cabinet turned dish storage....I guess anything can be repurposed. We actually love that it has locks on it - they work great for keeping a 9 month old who's obsessed with climbing, out of the drawers. 

So, what do you think? Do you like it better white?


  1. Your credenza looks great! It's amazing how many years paint can take off of a piece of furniture. Does the advance paint give it a smooth lacquer like finish? I've been trying to figure out how to do that.

    1. Hey Jill. Thank you. Advance paint dries to an enamel finish but I wouldn't consider it lacquer. It does self level fairly good but doesn't have the sheen of a lacquer - although maybe if you got it in high gloss it would? I love it because it's almost scratch resistant.

  2. That’s a very lovely transformation you did with your credenza. Dark wood finish can match different interior designs. But if you are so done with it to the point that it looks dull to your eyes, that is when magical paints are really useful. The Cont-Tact paper is also an interesting addition.

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