3 Apr 2012

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde In a House

Oprah says your house should rise up and meet you. I love Oprah but that one’s a little too deep for me. Unless I can jack my house up like a pimped out car so that it really could rise up (and wouldn't that be cool?), but otherwise it’s just my house that is there for me when I get home and is welcoming most of the time and I am usually happy with it, but it doesn't rise up.   

It brings up a question though – does your house have a certain feel to it? Does it have a personality?

Our house has a split personality. It goes from being nice and tidy and calm to looking like a tornado hit it multiple times a day.  The baby tornado is a force to be reckoned with and it leaves a path of toys and destruction in its wake.  When the house is in chaos I feel like I am in chaos.  Everything becomes more stressful and I just can’t relax.  It’s a small house and it really doesn’t take that long to pick up but just seeing the explosion of stuff in front of me sometimes makes it seem insurmountable.

When it’s showing its Dr. Jekyll side I hope our home portrays a feeling of love.  It is not perfect, nor will it ever be. It has nicks and scratches that should be fixed but they are the little things that we don’t get around to.  And as much as those little things drive me a bit bonkers they also each remind me of something - be it good or bad - it’s a memory that we made in that house (even if it is the window valance falling down the staircase causing much damage as it bounced off the walls).

Our home is a mixture of modern and vintage (i.e. used).  We have expensive pieces that we saved….and saved….and saved for, and others that were just about free.  It’s quirky.  I think I’m a little quirky so my house should be too, right? There are things in it that I know not everyone likes. They don’t have to like them.  We like them and that’s what matters. They make us feel good, for whatever reason and that’s good enough.

If nothing else, I hope our home is welcoming.  My child won’t know what it’s like to grow up in a living room that you can’t sit in (thank God).  We use our rooms.  Come in….sit down…don’t worry about putting your feet up on the coffee table. The dog will drool on you and Fin will climb your leg, and then you know you are really welcomed.

What inspired this post of self inflection and sharing of feelings you ask? If you know me at all you know my strengths do not include the sharing of feelings…..I suck at it actually.  Well, I joined a club (gotta love a club!!!). It’s called the Fearlessly Finding Awesome Club and is spearheaded by Mandi over at Vintage Revivals.  The first challenge was to describe the feeling of your home. I have a sneaking suspicion this club is going to push my boundaries a bit, but I think that’s a good thing. From boundary pushing comes growth and some serious awesomeness.

Vintage Revivals


  1. The clutter and baby toy explosion always really gets to me, too. I know it's easy and quick to pick up but it just makes me feel despairing about the mess anyway!

    1. Doesn't it feel so hopeless when you first look at it all? Every time I'm done picking up I always tell myself it wasn't really that bad, but then the next day it starts all over again!


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