13 Apr 2012

Meet Fergus

All you readers out there in the blogosphere, please meet our new family member Fergus.

Fergus is a Fiddle Leaf Fig, and we named him on the way home from the greenhouse last weekend.  He was wrapped up in 4 plant bags (a huge feat) and was stretching across the cab of the truck, half in Fin's face and the other half in mine (quite the scene).  Since he was determined to make his presence known, the least we could do was name him. The best part of his Irish name is that Mr. Swell likes to talk to plants, and apparently this one gets spoken to in an Irish accent. It's quite amusing when he asks him, "Lad, would you like a drink of water?" in a thick Irish brogue.  My husband is fantastic at accents, he can drop one anyplace, anytime, on request.

By the way, do you like Mr. Swell as a nick name for my husband? Get it? Mr. Swell from A Swell Place to Dwell??? Clever, aren't I? I have been racking my brain to come up with something to call him as he has requested I don't use his real name. It's a long story, but it has to do with his job and it's best we call him something other than his real name here on the web. Hubby seems wrong (too cutesy) and husband seems too formal...so I am testing out Mr. Swell. Thoughts?

But I digress.....

Fergus has some pretty awesome giant green waxy leaves.

After we put the Mad Men lamp on one end of the sofa the other end was in need of some serious balance - because we all know that lamp is ginormous.

I had this hammered silver vase holding twigs in the space for a while but it just wasn't cutting it.

Mr. Swell  has been begging me to get rid of the twigs for quite a while and once we found Fergus I was happy to oblige (but I haven't put them in the trash quite yet...just moved it to another corner for a while....).

Once we had him in place though, Fergus' giant leaves were overtaking the picture to his left, so he needed to be lifted up slightly to be above the pictures.  He lived on top of the singing dino for a few days so I could figure out the best height.

Fisher Price Dino Height was actually perfect, but Fin wasn't ready to give up Dino permanently.

I found an outdoor pot at HomeSense and it's now doing all of the heavy lifting (it has a secret smaller pot inside that lifts it up).

Notice how some Diefenbaker butt snuck into the picture.....camera hog.

Because Fergus is so tall (even taller than Mr. Swell!!) he is prone to falling over, which isn't good when a 9 month old munchkin climbs up the pot. Baby covered in Fig is not a good scene. While out on our walk a few nights ago I "borrowed" a couple of rocks from nature to help stabilize the pot.  The rocks made the stroller wheels completely bottom out, but we managed to get home without wrecking anything.

With the rocks inside, the pot it's much more stable, and now Fergus has a permanent pot and a permanent home.

Does anyone have any Fiddle Leaf Fig care tips for me?  This is the only live plant we have in our house (aside from the Orchid we just got that you can see here) and the both of us don't have the greenest thumbs around.


  1. so lovely!!! I love how each tree is so different...the leaves on yours are huge! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love that you named that beast of a plant Fergus. It cracks me up in a good way. It is a gorgeous plant by the way.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks all for your lovely comments. Fergus is doing well - we haven't killed him yet. Thank God.

  4. Kelly, I think Mr. Swell is an excellent name for that man of yours. I first of all thought it was just because he's such a swell guy, but with my zest for puzzles, the light bulb came on about the connection between a swell place to dwell and Mr Swell - very catchy!

    1. haha. thanks. He really is quite swell!


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