11 Apr 2012

That's One Funky Lamp!

Remember my Mad Men lamp?  I bought this bad boy at the Salvation Army for $9.  It was that over sized shade that called my name and wouldn't let me go home without it.

Well guess what? We were watching Mad Men a few nights ago and Mr. Don Draper himself has almost the same lamp in his office! The base is different but the shade is pretty much the same.

As much as I love Mad Men, I didn't really want a swinging 60s lamp in our living room, so I went about transforming it....

The lovely gold had seen better days and was screaming for some spray paint.

I primed it first using Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Primer in White.

It was still pretty cold in our garage so this lamp got the special treatment with the heater blowing right on it. After a few hours of the heater being on I think it was warmer in the garage than in the house. Nice to be a lamp in our house!

Then I gave it 2 coats of Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Ultra Cover 2X in Gloss Apple Red.

Here's how it looked after all of the paint.

Yes, I know the Easter Eggs and the lovely green dish cloth clash with the red. The eggs are now gone and the dish cloth was only there because I didn't want to risk any red paint coming off on the white end table.

Then it was time to tackle the giant shade. Obviously the shimmery white with gold trim wasn't going to stay. I decided to wrap it in jute twine to provide some much needed texture in our living room.

I ripped off all of the trim.

And then started wrapping with the glue gun and jute.

I used the glue gun for the first row along the bottom and one more row above it.  After the first two rows there was enough of a lip to hold the rest on without glue.  I made it this far the first night before I ran out of jute.

I only bought one roll at the start, thinking it would cover the whole shade. I must have been on drugs or something because it ended up taking 4 rolls. Secretly it was a good thing that I ran out though because my fingers were getting pretty raw from the jute running through them.

3 more rolls of jute the next night and the shade looked like this:

I again used the glue gun on the top 3 rows just to make sure everything stayed in place. The jute is really hard on the fingers after a while, but it's so worth it.  The shade is just the right colour of brown and adds a whack of texture to the room.

On a side note, have you noticed that the yellow picture of the Hubby and I moves around and around?  It's in a multitude of places in past posts. I can't decide where I like it best, so I keep moving it. Don't worry, there isn't 4 wedding pictures of us in the room!

This funky lamp even puts off a really pretty glow at night. I love how the light filters through the jute.

I have to admit though, I am not completely sold on the red. It's a bit more orangy than I was expecting, but I think I'll live with it for now. Once I post the big living room reveal you'll have to let me know what you think. The idea of repainting it bright yellow is swirling through my head....


  1. Love it! The color is amazing and I love what you did to the shade!

  2. that is funky, but in the best funky kind of way possible!

  3. Got some funky lamps to transform myself! Thanks for some inspiration!


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