27 May 2012

Curb Appeal: Part 3

I realized after I posted the last instalment in the Curb Appeal saga that I showed a million pictures of the planting of the tree, but never showed you the final result! Sorry. Maybe it was a good thing though, since  just in the past couple of days the tree has started to bloom, so it's much prettier now than it was even a few days ago. Maybe it was the 3 days of rain we had?

Crap Apple Tree

crap apple tree blooms

I also picked up some petunias last week for the flower bed, the window boxes and a few pots for the front steps.  Please ignore the ugly paint under the pots - it's on the to-do list.  I have mentioned before that I am not in love with petunias, but I bought them this year because they are easy to take care of. I also wanted some consistency in the front yard and needed a flower that was going to be ok in shade, sun and partial sun. Petunias fit the bill.

flower bed


window box

Here's where we are at.  

- Edging for the planter under the windows
- Edging for the new planter row along the sidewalk
- New bushes for under the windows
- Flowers, flowers, and more flowers
- New front porch light fixture
- New mailbox
- Paint the front door
- Paint the front porch with a slip proof paint
- Move the tree from the back yard to the front yard

front of house
We are slowly working away at the edging for the planter bed under the windows. Maybe you caught a glimpse of it above? More on that in another post. I think we've also FINALLY made our mind up about a new shrub.  Remember how I had mentioned barberry and birdsnest spruce? Well, after much himming and hawing we decided to just get another globe cedar to match the one we have.  The trick now is trying to find one on the cheap that is at least somewhat close to the size of the one we currently have.  I am sure it's going to look a little odd for a few years while the new shrub grows, but I'll have to suck it up and deal since I'm too cheap to spend $60 for a big one.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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