29 Jun 2012

Garage Sale Goodness

I managed to skip out for a few hours on Saturday morning with a good friend to go garage saleing.  The weather was perfect and the garage sales were plentiful, so it was a great morning all in all.  Here are a few of my finds.  I have plans for all of them....stay tuned.

This old camera bag was only $2 (which I borrowed from my friend and just realized that I forgot to pay back - ack!  I only went with big bills like a dummy).  I knew right away that I wanted to store some of Fin's gear in it.  I figured she'd like hauling it around and showing off her treasures.  For now though, it has found a place under the cornbread end table holding all of her books.  Functional and cute...gotta love it.

I spotted this huge frame as we walked up the driveway to a sale and knew right away that it was going to be coming home with me.

Personally, I think the painting is horrendous, but it was only the frame that I was really after.  I made an offer of $10 for it, which was very happily accepted by the seller.  Then the seller's sister started debating whether she really wanted to let it go or not. She was going on and on about how lovely the painting was and how vibrant the colours were - I didn't have the heart to tell her that I was ripping it out as soon as humanly possible.

I dug through a huge box of old pins trying to find all of the yellow ones.  I managed to find 15 of them!

They were 6 for $0.25, so I gave the lady $1 and left with all of my yellow pins.  I have a plan for them in the  kitchen.  Mr. Swell thought I had gone completely insane to pay anything for old pins.  I'll show him!

And lastly, I snagged these antique pulleys.

I had to wheel and deal to get the seller down in price, but in the end I got them for $20 (and she threw in 2 mason jars).  To me, these are the find of the day.  I am totally in love with them.

How about you? Have you scored any garage sale goodness lately?

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  1. I haven't done much garage saling this year yet. Great finds, especially the pins - what are you going to do with them? I used to have the Girl Guide one.

    1. You had that exact pin?? I chose that one even though it didn't really go with the yellow theme, but i figured I could make it work. I am using them for an art project for the kitchen. I actually just finished it last night, so hopefully I can get the post up next week. I love cheap art! Garage sales are hard with kids! You basically have to leave them at home or it's just way too stressful.

  2. Great finds! That old camera bag is super cool. Reading about all your amazing finds makes me itchy to go garage saling... right this second.

    1. Thank you. I LOVE the camera bag, I think the lady had it priced way, way, way too low, but it was my luck I guess.

  3. Great finds. That painting is funny - why is all of the snow at the bottom of the mountain?

  4. Too funny! I hadn't even noticed the snow issue - living in Alberta you would think I would have caught that. Good eye.


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