1 Jun 2012

Hot Mess

Do not be fooled, the projects may come out looking shiny and pretty, but behind the scenes is one hot mess of DIYer and her equally stylish husband. Remember the heart pants that Mr. Swell wears (you may have spotted them here and here), well I have a dirty little secret. I have heart pants too!

Quite the pair, right? His are cropped to look like pirate pants and mine are flood pants. I had to run to get into the picture with the camera timer set, so in my defence it's not the most flattering angle.  And just to keep it super real, this is how our living room looks much of the time. Remember how nice it looked after the living room reveal? Well, this is how it looks after the baby hurricane has passed through.

This is our 'work' wear. If you stop by our house while we are in the middle of painting something and we answer the door you will probably want to run away.  If the clashing heart pants don't make you run for your life, the fact that we probably haven't showered and most likely haven't brushed our teeth will probably do it. I'm just being honest here. You'll be kind to me, right? No judging.

To add just a touch of glam to the DIY uniform when I am painting I tend to wear the same hoodie 90% of the time (until I get to hot and have to start stripping). It's lulu lemon. Doesn't everyone paint in lulu lemon clothing? I was too lazy one day to actually go upstairs and put my paint clothes on, and of course I got paint on it when I hadn't intended to.  Since it was pretty much ruined (it was old anyway), I just went with it and now I hardly ever use a cloth when I'm painting - everything just gets wiped with my sleeve. It's covered in paint.  I go from wiping baby snot and dog slobber to wiping paint, all with the same sleeve.

Just to prove to you that I am not making this whole thing up (like a really bad April Fools joke) I went searching through my old photos and found another one of the 'work wear'. Can you even tell they were taken on different days? Believe it....they were. This outfit gets some serious usage.

Although my neighbours have seen me in this outfit more times than I'd like to admit, I do draw the line at going out in public.  Mr. Swell isn't even allowed out of the garage in his pants.

I am begging you, please don't share these lovely images of us - or god forbid pin them to Pinterest. They are for your eyes only.  I only share to make everyone else feel better about themselves.  When your husband is wearing socks and sandals, you can think of the pirate heart pants and feel better about your situation.  We actually can look quite spiffy when we need to.

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  1. KEL!
    You guys are SO cute in your matching heart pants!!! I love it! Thanks for linking up!!

    Love your guts


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