15 Jun 2012

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

I envy people who can go with the flow.  I am not one of them.  I don't flow. I like plans, routines, dependability.  It took me a long time to admit that I am not easy going, but I am there now - I can admit it.  Don't get me wrong, at the right time and place I can let loose and just see where things take me, but for the most part I like to know what's next.  This week has tested my go-with-the-flowness (I know it's not a real word but I couldn't find a better one).

This is the state of our kitchen right now. I want the doors back on more than you can imagine. Every night we tidy up the kitchen and do all of the dishes, but it still just looks like a mess without doors.  Dry paint, dry!

Remember the tile that we had picked out for the backsplash?  It was 4X16 grey matte tile.

I liked it....a lot.  I had been staring at the 5 sample tiles we had for weeks and was ready to buy the full lot. Saturday there was a 15% off sale at Rona, so we headed out after the triathlon to go pick up our tile.  I had a list of what we needed and how much it was going to cost us.  We grabbed a cart, strapped Fin in and headed towards the tile aisle.  When we round the corner to the aisle we could clearly see that the shelves where our tile used to be were cleared out. What? No tile? No....they must have some in the back. They had at least 6 boxes a few days ago. So I go track down someone who can look it up in the system.  He takes one look at the sample tile we have in our hands and tells us right away that the tile is discontinued and they aren't getting any more.  NOOOOOO!!!!  I asked him (quite nicely for how angry I was) to check the other stores in Edmonton - surely someone must have some left. Store after store he kept telling me no. Nobody had the 4 boxes we needed. I had to keep repeating to myself to not sweat the small stuff....it's only tile...no big deal....but really all I wanted to do was rip the guy's head off. We planned the kitchen around that freaking tile! The guy suggested another similar tile. Ya, it was ok, but it was more than $3 a tile. The one we wanted was $1.80.  We weren't ready to spend double what we had planned. After a bit more self talk I put my happy face on, thanked the guy and walked out - tileless.

The next morning we started calling all the Rona stores around Edmonton. I didn't believe the guy that every store was sold out. After a bit of calling one very helpful lady finally told us that yes, that tile was discontinued but they had replaced it with a similar one that was glossy instead of matte.  Thank God!  We made the drive into the city to check out the tile that very morning so that I could stop panicking (I know now how ridiculous it was that I was even panicking in the first place, but I sure was pissed at the time). Our local store apparently just didn't have it in stock yet - and were completely unaware that it was even coming. The tile was great - it was the same colour as what we had picked before, but just shiny. I actually liked it better. And the best part was that instead of being $1.80 a tile, it was only $1.60.  The lower price made up slightly for the fact that we had missed out on the 15% sale the day before.  Here's the new tile.

It doesn't look any different than the first tile does it? I know. It's basically the same! YAY! Crisis narrowly averted.

I also had big plans to share an art work project for the office with you this week. The fact that I am babbling on in this post should be a hint that it didn't work out too well.  It started out great. I had this big picture....

And this big canvas.....

The two just needed to go together.  Piece of cake.  Umm....or not. Two hours and almost a whole bottle of Mod Podge later, I had this....

Where's the picture, you ask? Ya, I don't know either.  It got wet and soggy, and ripped, and I had Mod Podge stuck in my hair, and all I ended up with was a big blank coral canvas.  Now, if I was a go with the flow person I would just come up with something new on the fly and it would be even better than what I had planned. That didn't happen. The plain coral canvas is still sitting in the basement a week later.  I am hoping if I stare at it long enough something brilliant will hit me over the head.

How about you? Are you a go-with-the-flower?

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