25 Jun 2012

The Kitchen: Tearing Down a Cabinet

When we started on this little kitchen reno of ours we knew from the start that we wanted to rip out one of the cabinets and replace it with open shelving.  The cabinet was sort of off to the side by itself and we thought that it made the kitchen feel more blocked in than it needed to be. When you came in from the back door and turned into the kitchen the first thing you saw was the side of a cabinet, which wasn't exactly appealing.  To be honest, we didn't really have a plan for what type of shelves we were going to use or how many we'd have in the end, we just knew the cabinet was coming out.

Remember what it looked like before?

It's the one on the right above the dishwasher.  

We emptied it out (it held all of our glasses) and got the drill out ready to take out all of the screws.  Well, much to our surprise the whole cabinet was held up with only 2 screws - only one of which was load bearing.  

I am still totally amazed that we didn't wake up one night to the sound of our glasses crashing all over the floor.  These are only some of the joys of living in a house that was built during boom times - corners cut all over the place. 

Once we had the cabinet off the wall we were treated to even more surprises.  There were holes all over the place behind it.  Apparently the cabinet installer didn't believe in a stud finder, and instead just drilled and drilled until he found the stud.  Fabulous.  

And so we got a patchin'....

And repainted the wall (Benjamin Moore Rockport Grey).

Then we stared at the blank wall for a few days (while our glasses sat in the closet - not very efficient) debating what type of shelves we wanted.  After looking at way too many pictures of open shelving on Pinterest, I landed on stainless steel.  I liked the industrial/restauranty look that it would add to our kitchen.

Luck was on our side, as my Mom had actually just moved into a new house that was chalk full of stainless steel shelves that she couldn't wait to tear out.  So 4 stainless steel shelves came home with us (originally from Ikea) for free (yippie).

Once we had the tile finished, we hung the shelves.  

I had originally thought that we'd use 3 shelves, but after living with 2 for a couple of days I gave up on the 3rd shelf.  It would have been so high that only Mr. Swell could reach it, and I need our kitchen to be all about practicality.

And then I was able to finally take our glasses out of the closet and show off some of our pretty kitchen stuff.  

I apologize for the quality of these pictures.  My camera hates taking pictures when there is a window in the shot.  I am working on it....hopefully I'll have the window issue mastered by the time we get to the big reveal.

I am now on the search for something to hang on the wall above the top shelf.  We need something to fill the space - I am thinking a picture or art piece.

I can't wait to show you how they look with the rest of the cabinets.  Have to wait for the final reveal for that though....

How about you? Do you have any open shelving in your kitchen?  I am worried about keeping it tidy all the time....and keeping our glasses spotless (looking at the spots will drive me nuts). Any tips?


  1. Oh wow! That looks great! You are so lucky that the cabinet came down with so little damage! I can't wait to install my floating shelves... I was debating between two and three, but seeing yours, I think I'll stick with two as well.

  2. Looks great, it definitely changed the way your kitchen looked. Thanks.

  3. Your kitchen is such an inspiration. I love it. Where you able to screw your shelves into the studs? If not, what kind of anchors did you use? We have the same shelves and want to put it in the same spot in our kitchen (they won't hit studs) but we aren't sure what anchors are best to use. I don't plan to put a lot of weight on it, mainly for decoration and the occasional cook book.

    1. Thank you so much! Because we put our shelves up in such a small part of the wall, we actually lucked out and hit studs on both sides. I would think though that plastic drywall anchors would be ok as long as you don't put dishes on them. I've hung much heavier things with just plain old anchors. Also, the ikea brackets we had have 4 screws for each bracket (2 on the top and 2 on the bottom), which I would think is much better than just having theming the bottom like many brackets do.
      Good luck. Thanks for stopping by.


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