4 Jun 2012

The Kitchen: Plan of Attack

We are not yet done with the office or with the front yard, but we are moving on to the kitchen. I never said I was good at staying on track did I? Don't worry, we will finish those other two projects, but we just need to make a slight detour for the month of June.  The main reason is because I have a week booked off of work in June, which means that we can actually dedicate some quality time to the kitchen revamp instead of doing it over umpteen weekends.  There are just little things left to do in the office and the yard which I can tackle on week nights and weekends.  Fin is also in music camp (yes, music camp for an 11 month old - lucky kid!) for the week that I am off, so we might get more than an hour and half a day to paint, which is basically like winning the lottery in our house. 

Our house is a starter home with pretty much everything run of the mill and basic, and the kitchen is no exception.  Every house on our street looks very similar and you can't tell one kitchen from another.  Here's what the kitchen looks like today.

The cabinets have yellowed terribly and are starting to look really cheap.  For the two years that we've lived here we have tossed around many ideas about the kitchen.  We've explored tearing it out and starting from scratch, or just getting new cabinet doors, installing granite, building a breakfast bar, etc, etc. The list goes on and on.  After having quite a few discussions about return on investment, I think we have finally landed on a plan.

This is going to be a budget revamp, but will hopefully have a big impact and will freshen up the whole room.  

The cabinets are in good shape and are functional where they are.  The only thing we really hate is the colour.  Although I'd love shaker style cabinets, the cost of new doors just isn't worth it.  The current doors are pretty basic and should be generic enough that they won't offend anyone who could potentially buy our house down the road.  The plan is to paint them white.  Luckily the inside of the cabinet boxes are already white, so we only have to paint the front and backs of the doors and the trim.  Since we have a little munchkin who is obsessed with pulling things off of shelves, we are going to have to do the painting in stages so that we don't have all of the cabinet contents exposed at once.  I am also looking at a few options to update the very basic silver hardware.

Next is going to be to remove the one lone cupboard above the dishwasher. It's all alone and just sort of hangs out there floating on the wall. We are going to remove it and replace it with open shelves.  That means patching holes, painting, and all of that fun stuff. I think it's going to make a huge impact though and really open up the kitchen.

Could you get more basic than a backsplash that's only 1 tile high of 4X4 white tile? I don't think so. Barf. It's horrible.  It's getting ripped out as soon as humanly possible and is going to be replaced with tile that goes up to the bottom of the cabinets.  I am just praying that the drywall stays intact when the old tile comes out.

And lastly, we are going to spice up the island a bit by adding some beadboard to the sides.  The island is very box like currently (as are most islands I guess) and I'm thinking that beadboard will add some much needed texture. We will paint it to match the cabinets.

Are you feeling my pain yet? Ya, it's going to be SUPER fun! Instead of coming back in a month or so and just giving you an oooh and awww worthy reveal, I am going to drag bring you with me through each step of this revamp.  Although fast forwarding through all of the work and heading straight to the big reveal (like on tv) is cool, it just isn't reality.  I am all about reality people.  This is about how you can redo a kitchen while your kid naps and is in music camp.  Don't worry though, June won't be all kitchen.  I have a few other small artsy things on the go for the office that I am still hoping to squeeze in.  I can guarantee you that I am going to get sick of white paint and am going to need a colour break (coral for the office maybe?).  

Wish us luck!

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