6 Jul 2012

Paper Flowers for a Party

It's Pinterest Challenge time again!  My last Pinterest challenge was a great big F-A-I-L, so you know I had to pick myself up, dust myself off and set forth on the challenge once again.

Once a season, Katie from Bower Power and Sherry from Young House Love throw down the gauntlet and challenge us all to stop pinning and start doing.  This year they have some excellent co-hosts in Kate from Centsational Girl and Michelle from Ten June

This challenge was perfect timing for me as Saturday is Fin's first birthday and I have been in full party preparation mode for weeks now.  Our basement looks like a hot pink and lime green bomb exploded all over it with all of the decorations I have laying around. I've had these cute paper flowers pinned for a while (originally from Santa Barbara Wedding Style) and have been waiting for a special occasion to whip them up. Well this is it people! A first birthday is a very special occasion. 


I went on a little trip to Michael's, and with my coupon in hand (never, ever, ever go to Michael's without a coupon!!) I picked up 2 pieces of poster board and some green ribbon. Total cost with coupon: $2.55

I cut the poster board into 6" x 6" squares.  It wasn't an exact science, I just sort of guessed on the size - there is no need to be perfect with this craft. Then I drew a spiral on the square.  Clearly my drawing abilities are limited....

Then I cut along the line, which basically resulted in me having a hot pink spring.

Then came the tricky part...rolling.  Starting from the middle, I rolled and rolled.  The centre part is pretty easy, but it did become a bit tricky to keep the rosette nice and tight as it got bigger.

After doing about 10 flowers, I finally figured out that the trick to these puppies is to roll super tight as you go, and then at the end loosen your fingers and let the whole thing spread out.  Your hand will start to cramp at about 5 flowers anyhow, so you'll be happy for the whole loosening stage.

Then I used a bead of hot glue to secure the end.

This is how many flowers I managed to get out of one $0.99 piece of poster board.  I time most of my crafts by how many TV shows they take to make - these flowers only took one episode of Master Chef (that would be 1 hour...minus the commercials).

I grabbed some twisty twiggs that I had hanging around (old decor that I was no longer using) and broke a bunch of them up, and then hot glued them onto the flowers.

I then arranged them in some old bottles and tied a green ribbon on (obviously we have a pink and green theme going on for the party).  After making a few white flowers and mixing them in with the pink, I decided that I wasn't a fan of the colour combo so I nixed the white and stuck with just pink.

Mine are definitely not as perfect as the ones that I originally pinned. They are a little more shabby chic and quirky with their twisty stems.

My plan is to use these as table centrepieces at Fin's party.  I'll share some of the other part-tay (who's a child of the 90's with me?) details with you next week. I still have quite a few tissue paper poofs to make and a bunch of food to get cookin'.

Have a great weekend.


  1. These turned out beautiful! I think I will try making these today... I love the choice of the hot pink color.


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