9 Jul 2012

Pin It!

For once I am talking about actual pins, not pinning on Pinterest (which is still a slight addiction).

I told you in the Garage Sale Goodness post that I had stumbled across a big box of old pins and searched through them all to pick out the yellow ones.  I am going with some yellow accents in the kitchen, and when I saw the pins I knew that they would provide some quirky and super cheap art.  I love that all of the pins are local, and that some are so corny it's embarrassing.

I decided to use an old frame that I had hanging around (I actually have a whole closet stuffed full of old frames that we aren't using).  I removed the glass from the front and flipped the print that was in it over.  It was a cheap Ikea print, so I figured I would use the white side of the print instead of spending on a piece of new white cardstock.

I washed all of the pins (apparently 40 years makes pins very, very dirty) and then laid them out to try and figure out the best arrangement.  I chose to go with a 3x4 layout, which left me with 3 extra pins - which I stashed away in a junk drawer...just in case!

After I had my layout solidified, I ran a bead of Super Glue along the actual pin part of each button and then pressed and held onto the paper for a few seconds.

I tried my best not to touch them for about half an hour (patience Kelly, patience) to give the glue lots of time to cure.  Luckily when I lifted the paper up all of the pins stayed attached. Yay. (I really had no idea if the super glue would work....)

Then I placed everything into the frame.  This is just proof that it doesn't matter at all what the back of your art looks like - nobody will ever see it.

I hung it in our mud room, which is just off of our kitchen (but still open to the kitchen).  

I liked it, but there was just something off about it.  I lived with it for a few days thinking I would get used to it, but I didn't.  It was the off white matte with the white inside that was just not doing it for me. 

It's a good thing that we have about a million cans of paint in our basement so that I have lots of colours to choose from when I need to switch something up.  I decided to go with Rockport Grey, which is the same colour as our walls.  So I unassembled everything and painted the matte with Benjamin Moore  latex paint using a foam brush.  It was honestly about a 5 minute job - it dried crazy fast.

Much better.  Now it looks like the pins are floating inside the frame, which I am much more fond of than the white/off white combo we had going on before.

Love the Longjohns' pin - how random is that?

And this Save our Strathcona one totally cracks me up.  We live in Strathcona County....and I guess it needed saving??? The best part though is the sling shot.  How are we saving the county with a sling shot? It seems a little hostile.

And this Girl Guides one brings back memories for me, as I was in Girl Guides from the time I was 6 until I was 18 (not in 1975 though!). 

How about you? Any 'unique' stuff framed in your house?

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  1. Those pins are awesome!! What a unique piece of art they are now!


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