20 Jul 2012

Rolling Cart Redo

I've had this little red organizing cart (originally from Ikea) for at least 10 years, and although it has served me well for all that time, the colour just wasn't working with the new downstairs office.

A few cans of spray paint later I had a nice white cart.

A little cart like this really shouldn't have taken 2 cans of paint, but it did. It was windy...I was impatient...and mesh doesn't really catch spray paint very well.  Oh well, it still worked out but was a little more expensive than I had hoped it would be.

When I was at The Home Depot for the second time (picking up another can of spray paint...ugh), I asked the paint guy if I could have 3 stir sticks.  He happily obliged.  Mr. Swell chopped off the narrowed end of the sticks for me and I gave them a coat of chalkboard spray paint.

I then drilled a small hole on each end and used clear cable ties to attach the chalkboard labels to the cart.

Then I pulled the chalk out and got labelling.

It looks much better in the pretty pink space than the red cart did.

The big office reveal is coming your way Monday.  Are you excited? Yay...me too!

Have a great weekend!

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