18 Jul 2012

The Kitchen: The Next Plan of Attack

A couple of weeks ago we crossed off the last item on the Kitchen Plan of Attack, but then it happened....I started to cultivate another Plan of Attack.  I love the new cabinets and backsplash; the kitchen looks so fresh and clean. So fresh and clean in fact, that the dining area was looking like a shabby little sister that has been sadly left behind.  It needs some help too. The dining area is completely open to the kitchen, and I just wasn't digging what was going on over there any more.  

The dark brown wall worked when the cabinets were maple, but it no longer worked with the grey backsplash.

The cabinet on the left is one that we bought off of Kijiji a couple of years ago.  The original plan was to have it in our living room, but it just never worked.  It's originally from Pier 1, so it's decent quality and I really do love it, but it's too big for any of our spaces.  It looked clunky in the living room, so when we made the living room over I moved it into the kitchen.  We've had it there for a while now, and although it was really handy to store stuff in during the cabinet painting, it's now pretty much empty and is just taking up space.  The other problem is that with it where it is, we had to move the table over, which meant the table wasn't centred wtih the window.  Since I am slightly anal about symetry, you know that an off centred table drove me nuts.

Here are a few more angles:

*sidenote: Isn't that Tripp Trapp chair just the cutest? Love!

Here's the Plan of Attack for the dining area:

  • Move the cabinet. This is a pretty easy one. It will go downstairs and house all of the craft crap.  The craft crap is overflowing into my pretty office space (reveal coming soon) and we can't have that now, can we?
  • Paint over the brown wall.  The rest of the walls are Benjamin Moore Rockport Grey (which I clearly have a love affair with as it's in almost every room).  I am going to do a half painted wall around the dining area with the Rockport Grey on the top and yellow on the bottom.
  • Window coverings.  We've lived in this house for 3 years and these are the last naked windows.  When we moved in they had some lovely ruffled chilli pepper valances on them.  I ripped those off as quick as humanly possible (i.e. within hours of moving in), and since then the windows have sadly been left exposed.  I found this amazing fabric from Tonic Living (yay for a Canadian company!!) and the plan is a couple of Roman shades.
Vintage Vehicles, Grass
Tonic Living
  • New table.  The glass isn't cutting it any longer. Good for a single girl. Not good for a Great Dane that licks the table and a toddler who thinks it's super awesome to spread tomato sauce around with a sippy cup while chair dancing.  We have some pretty awesome plans for a table....stay tuned.
  • The fan.  Oh, what to do with the fan? I really dislike it, but we don't have A/C and it gets hot in our kitchen. The ugly fan is our only saving grace and a new fan isn't in the budget right now. I am considering painting the blades.  Once again, Mr. Swell thinks I am nuts. Or do we just suffer through the 2 weeks of heat that we get in Alberta and get a pretty light fixture?  The other problem we have is that the fan is not centred over the table (why would it be? That would be too sensible).  I would really like to move it so that it is over the table, but then we are left with a dirt problem.  The fan has left a giant dust/dirt ring on the ceiling (before you go critiqueing my cleaning skills, it was there before we moved in). The ceiling is stippled.  Ridding stipple of dirt doesn't sound like much fun to me.  It's an issue.
So there we go.  Another Plan of Attack...'cause you know, I like to make things difficult for myself.  Here's to another month of not resting while Fin naps.

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