27 Aug 2012

Come, Let's Have Brunch

I'd be kidding myself if I claimed that we entertained these days.  We try, but somehow once we had a kid, the whole entertaining thing became a lot more work. If we were lucky enough to have a baby that slept through stuff then heck yes, come on over.  Let's party it up. We could laugh, and shout, and knock things over from all of our rowdiness. But...we have a kid that wakes up when we make the mistake of not taking 3 steps at a time to skip the squeeky ones.  She is the lightest sleeper I have ever known.  So, for now at least, entertaining for us is down to only being able to host brunch - when she is very wide awake.

We don't have any brunch plans in the near future, so I figured I'd just host an imaginary brunch with you guys.  Aren't you glad you didn't eat that third piece of toast this morning? You get to have brunch at my house! Well, my blog house anyway. Play along, ok?

All products below are from Indigo.  If you like the imaginary brunch items so much that you just must have them in your real life, then it's your lucky day.  Just click on the picture and you'll be brought right to the Chapters/Indigo website.

We'll start out sitting at our new farmhouse table.  I'll even use a knife to dig out the crushed in cheerios from the cracks ...just for you.

In front of you will be this bamboo placemat.
Natural Bamboo Placemat

It's bamboo, so it's easy to wipe. My kind of placemat. I am not into washing and ironing placemats.

I'll even bring out the fancy stuff for you and let you use a cloth napkin.  No, I don't really own any cloth napkins, but remember that this is 'pretend'.   The cloth napkin will be kept in place with this gold napkin ring.
Hammered Gold Napkin Ring by Indigo

Even if I am not sophisticated enough to own cloth napkins, I really do love this napkin ring. Maybe I can put my grocery store paper napkins in it?

At the top right of the placemat will be this seagrass glass. 

S/4 Seagrass Glasses by Indigo

It's pretty awesome, right? I love the texture that it adds, plus it will stop your hand from getting cold with all the ice that will be in your sparkling water.  Or maybe let's break all the rules and have mimosas in a seagrass tumbler....ya...let's.

I can't leave you with just mimosas.  You need coffee (or tea) too.  I'll pour it for you into this mug.

Forest Mug by Indigo

Or if you are one of my Canadian kin, I'll let you have this mug.

Double Double Mug

If you are Canadian you'll get it.  If you aren't Canadian then you just have to come visit us to truly understand what double double means.

Cream? Yup, I have it covered.  It's in this vintage looking milk jug.

Retro Milk Bottle Large

Ok, enough drinking. I'm hungry!

We will start by having fruit salad. I LOVE fruit salad. For some reason fruit just tastes better when it's in a salad.  I'll use this branch spoon to dish out your fruit salad.  You're guaranteed to like the fruit now because it's in salad form and it's coming to you on this beautiful spoon.


Obviously the fruit salad needs a dish.  I think this owl bowl will be perfect.

Owl Dipping Bowl

Eggs are a must at brunch at our house.  I bet you'd like to have your soft boiled egg in this little egg cup. 

Cow Egg Cup

I have no idea why eggs and cows would go together, but this guy was just too cute to pass up.  Don't forget...imaginary brunch.  If you like him there is a Guinea Pig  and a Bunny  that match.

This brunch is a little too healthy so far.  How about some pumpkin spice waffles?  I knew you'd say yes to that!  

Pumpkin Spice Pancake and Waffle Mix by Dancing Deer

We better finish off brunch with dessert.  Why not?   I'll whip up the Pecan Pie from Chuck Hughes' new cookbook Garde Manger.  

Garde Manger

I love watching Chuck on the Food Network (do you get Chuck's Day Off in the US?).  Actually, since this is an imaginary brunch, I think I'll just invite Chuck to cook the pecan pie for us.

So, are you full yet?  It was delicious wasn't it?

What now? I think I better go for a run to burn off the waffles and pecan pie.  Want to come with me?  This isn't imaginary any more.  I could really use a running partner!  I have cool songs on my iPod that I might let you listen to.  The latest CD I am running to is the Sons Of Anarchy soundtrack. Is that any surprise? I think of Jax Teller Mr. Swell and I run.  Girl from the North Country by The Lions is my new favorite running song.

Well, we've drank, we've eaten, we've run....now it's time to rest our heads on this pillow.

Love You To The Moon Pillow

Oh wait.  Fin is poking at my eyes.  Is this imaginary or real now?

*this post contains affiliate links, which means that if you purchase one of these products the kind people at Indigo will send me a small percentage of the sale price for sending you their way.

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