15 Aug 2012

Craft Crap

I'll admit it. I have a lot of craft crap. I have a bad habit of leaving stuff laying around, which means there is craft crap everywhere. Then the craft crap starts to pile up and drives me nuts so I move it to the basement. Which resulted in this.

Remember how nice the downstairs office looked?  It was organized. I had actual storage.  Well, if you stood in the office and turned about 100 degrees you saw this.  Gong show.  

Let's break it down.

Labelled Craft Stuff

It was really just a giant assortment of randomness. There was left over supplies from our wedding (2 1/2 years and a different house ago), party supplies, gift bags, baskets that I haven't figured out what to do with, time capsule gifts for Fin (clearly I picked way too small of a container to hold all of the time capsule things), and half empty bottles of paint.  I was tired of looking at it, so I set on an organization rampage one night.

I tried my best to categorize everything.  

I found stuff that I have been hauling around since I was 18, and other things that I am sure I have bought 10 times over not knowing that already had it.  And before you go ahead and tell me that I am  a note card hoarder, and that I have way too many kid craft projects for a kid that can't even hold a crayon.....I know.  Michael's had a 'grab bag' sale a few months ago and I went a bit nuts.  The bags were only $2 each and they had tons of stuff in them.  I think I bought 10 grab bags.  They had full scrapbook paper pads in them and spray paint, so they were totally worth it even if I only kept 1/4 of the bag.  In the end, we donated a lot of the stuff to the Salvation Army, but I did keep all of the paper, note cards and kid craft stuff.  I am hoping sometime in the next year Fin might have a small interest in some sort of crafting...right now her main interest is eating crayons. Wax deficiency maybe???

In the dining area plan of attack, I showed you the cabinet that we had in the kitchen that wasn't being used.  Well, one night when I was feeling strong, we moved it downstairs.  And then I shoved it full of my craft crap....in an organized manner of course.

Ok, I know all you organizing junkies will scoff at this.  No, there is no pretty labelling, no colour coding, no spools for my ribbon....but life is about small victories, right? It's looking a lot better than it was, and that makes me happy.  At least I don't have to stare at all my crap any more.

This is only the start of a few posts I have lined up about the basement (don't worry...the others are much more exciting).  The big craft cabinet is looking a bit lonely in its spot, so it needs some pretty stuff to keep it company.  Stay tuned....


  1. WOW!
    What I would give to get my hands in there an organize it all for you!

    Here is what i would do (feel free to ignore me)

    Buy (yup, sorry) 12-16 clear plastic shoe boxes from Home Depot for $1 each. They Stack. You can put sticker labels on them (or just see through)...Small enough that each category of craft crap can sit in its own box. Lids...

    SOOO Pretty...I can see it now


    1. Shannon....I wish you lived closer to me! It is just not my thing. I did see your linen closet today though and do have a bit of closet envy, its really quite pretty. Ok, I promise, next time I am at Home Depot I will check for the shoe box containers.


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