31 Aug 2012

Curb Appeal Update

It's been a few months since the last Curb Appeal instalment, so it must be time for a little update.  We haven't done anything too crazy, but we have been knocking off a few small projects.

Here's how the front of the house is looking today.

The flowers have exploded. I love how the purple looks against the light grey house.

Although we haven't bought any bushes for the front flower bed yet, we have finished collecting rocks for edging.

This is edging on the cheap.  Every time went went for a walk in the neighbourhood we'd look for big rocks. It took a couple months to collect enough, but it works well enough to define the space and was f-r-e-e.  I hope to get some bushes in there soon so that the weeds will stop growing. Right now at least the pretty flowers detract from the empty spot.

We also managed to hang the new outdoor light that I got for my birthday.

So much cuter than the old builder grade one.

And do you see that blue mailbox?  I have wanted a new one for years.  But seriously, have you ever shopped for mailboxes? How can a little piece of metal cost so much? The plain boring ones at The Home Depot are $60 for goodness sake.  I just couldn't stomach it, at least not this year when we have so many other things going on. But....I also couldn't live with blue any longer.

I took the mailbox down and gave it a couple coats of silver spray paint.  I used 'craft' spray paint (at least that is what it says on the can), we shall see how it holds up to the elements...maybe I'll have dripping silver with the first heavy rain.  I hope not.

Then I got on the computer and typed out the word MAIL.  I made it nice and big and bold, and then just printed it out.  I positioned the paper where I wanted the word on the mailbox and then used a ballpoint pen to trace the outline of the letters - pressing really hard.

Here's what it looked like when I removed the paper.

It left just enough of an outline for me to see.  I then used a skinny Sharpie marker to outline the letters and a fat Sharpie to fill them in.  It took a couple coats of Sharpie colouring to have full black coverage.

Much better, right? It's still not fantastic, as the mailbox is in rough shape, but for $0 it's better than it was, and will get us through the winter at least.

Here's how the front porch looks now.

I'd really like to add a planter or big vase, or something to the left of the door, but with a baby, a stroller, and a Great Dane it just isn't practical.  The porch is already too small, so it's going to have to stay bare for now.  I am still totally in love with our navy blue door.  It needs a wreath, but I haven't gotten there yet.....maybe before halloween.....

The last things we have to do are paint the steps and plant some bushes.  Not sure if those things are going to get done this year.  Gotta leave something for next year, right?


  1. LOL - too funny about the blue mailbox...seriously, you have no idea. I bought a huge rural size mailbox at my favorite second hand store for $10 with plans to repaint it and make it look really cool.

    I came home one day to find my husband had sanded it and painted it Ford tractor BLUE as a surprise. Not quite what I had envisioned.

    Its going to take some additional painting, because Ford blue = SMURF blue in my mind and Ive been referring to it as the smurf box.

    I like the way yours looks a whole lot more! :)

    -Erica F

    1. Its the thought that counts I guess? ? Ours was white when we moved in and then we painted it blue last year. I had Navy Blue in my mind, but the spray paint was much brighter than the cap showed. The silver is much better, but I really still do want a new one. I wish they werent so expensive!
      Have a great long weekend.


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