29 Aug 2012

D is For a Dog Named Diefenbaker

This post goes to the dogs.  The kind that jump into our bed at night when it's thundering outside and lick us when we come home, and the kind that just sit there and look pretty.  

In  one of my weekly visits to the Salvation Army I ran into this guy.

He's cute, right? His head comes off and he's a cookie jar. For $4.99 I couldn't pass him up.  

I liked him as he was, but the red wasn't really jiving with what I had in mind for the kitchen.  So....out came the spray paint (surprise...surprise).  He received a couple coats of sunny yellow spray paint and now he looks like a whole new dog.

He's still clearly a dog wearing a scarf, but is just a little more modern....a little glammed maybe? Plus, I couldn't handle those little black and white puppy dog eyes staring at me.

As all good dogs do, this dog needed a purpose in life.  His purpose became to hold Diefenbaker's Milk Bones.  And since it wasn't obvious that he contains a stash of Milk Bones, I made a little sign to reveal the secret.

His new home is on one of the new end tables (which I still have to tell you all about).  He likes keeping our cookbooks warm.

The real dog in our house obviously didn't need the sign to know where the Milk Bones were hidden.

He even sat and waited patiently for one.

Until I couldn't handle his cuteness any longer and gave in.

Sorry for the atomic looking hand....the lighting was not good when he started demanding Milk Bones.

After much messy eating he started to get thirsty.

The giant D above his bowls is also a new addition to the kitchen.  I figured he needed a clearly defined eating space.  Since kibble is still our enemy #1, we often have his bowls hidden in the closet when he's not eating.  Maybe by putting the giant D up, Fin will respect Diefenbaker's space?  A girl can wish.... 

Notice the kibble on the floor? He is the messiest eater (and drinking is even worse!).  I also thinks he spits some of his food out just to taunt Fin.  Kids and kibble - I seriously don't get the attraction.....

The picture below is really just for you to see how big he is.  We get comments all the time that he must be able to eat off the counter.  

You can see here that clearly he has no problem reaching the counter.  Thankfully he just sticks to eating the stray food that Fin throws him from her high chair.

We are just about there with the kitchen! Just a few more small projects to finish up over the next couple of weeks. My goal is to have it done before the snow flies.  That should give me until mid-October at least....


  1. Hello! I came across your blog looking for ideas to put beadboard on my island. Love the blog!

    Where did you get your dog bowl stand from?

    Thank you also for enabling me on the double double coffee mug! :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Joyce, and thank you for the nice compliment. The dog bowl stands are just from a local pet supply store (ours is called G&E Pet Pharmacy). The stand works great and its nice and sturdy so that the bowls dont shake around.
      Isnt that double double mug awesome? Chapters always has some great things.


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