6 Aug 2012

Everything Etsy

Are you addicted to Etsy as much as I am?  I actually think I enjoy perusing Etsy more than Pinterest these days.  I love it when I am searching for something specific, but it's even better when I just pick a category and browse the thousands of listings.  I can seriously waste a whole baby nap (when I should be doing much more important things like cleaning the bathroom) just perusing. Just in case you aren't as sucked in as I am, I thought I'd share some of the things that I am currently coveting.  Since I am so obsessed, and my 'favourites' folder in Etsy is overflowing, I think I'll try and make this a monthly feature. Will that be ok??? Click on the pictures below to be taken to the Etsy listing.

Maps are all the rage right now.  I haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, but this modern abstract map from ArtPause is on my hit list of things to order soon.  The best part is that it's only $25 for an 18" x 24" print!

Map of the World Map Abstract Painting, Art Print, 18x24 inch (904)

I love this little poster from handz.  I think I could design a whole new room for Fin based off of this poster alone. Maybe it's special to me because I had my own set of babushkas in my room growing up.

Inspirational quote print, Russian Doll art print poster, children, matryoshka, love print, nursery art, You are beautiful inside and out A3

Space chimp on a vintage dictionary page from collageOrama??? Yes please! 'Nuff said.

Space Chimp Astronaut Chimpanzee in helmet illustration beautifully upcycled dictionary page book art print

Katie Daisy artwork is my obsession du jour.  I stalk her site almost daily to see if there is anything new. I want this guy in our kitchen...I just have to find a tiny bit of free wall space for it first!

8 x 10 Wild Air

We've already established that maps are the rage, and I am loving this Canada pillow from Nicole Tarasick.  You know us Canadians...we are proud to live here and like to show it!

Map of Canada Pillow Cover in Grey Twill

How about you? Any favourite Etsy finds as of late?


  1. ahh...etsy. a time warp. katie daisy is amazing. her works are so gorgeous!

    1. Time warp is an understatement in my world sometimes. Love it though....
      Thanks for stopping by.


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