1 Aug 2012

Framing Fabric

A couple of months ago my Mother-in-law dropped off a piece of fabric for me that was an old family heirloom.  The fabric was from Papua New Guinea, where Mr. Swell's Great Aunt was a Nun on Missions for many years.

As you can see, it's some pretty intense fabric.  Bright orange with a wild pattern.  I hung onto it for a while not knowing what to do with it. I thought it would make some pretty great pillows, but I didn't have a room that could handle that bright of orange.  Then one day I was cleaning out the closet in our guest room and came across the fabric again.  I was standing in our guest room that was pretty plane and boring and decided right then and there that the room could use a mini makeover, and that this fabric was going to be my jumping off point.

We have a bit of a complicated arrangement in this house when it comes to work schedules and child care.  We are incredibly lucky that our work schedules were able to adjust so that both of us are able to stay home some days of the week to spend time with Fin.  The 2 days of the week that we both work, Fin's Grandmas are kind enough to spend the day with her.  As Mr. Swell's parents live out of town, his Mom drives in the night before and stays over night so that she can be here early enough in the morning for us to go to work.  

So...to get back to the point....I wanted to give our little guest room a bit of a spruce up so that it was more welcoming for her when she stays over every week.  The room was in need of some new art work and the fabric was going to totally do the trick.

I dug through my closet of old frames (yes, as I have already confessed, I have a closet full of old frames) and found 3 that semi-matched (Ikea addiction anyone??).  

Fin was pretty excited to crawl on top of the mirror.  That kid!

I used the frame that the lighthouse picture was in for the big piece of fabric.  I took out the poster and centred the fabric in the frame.  Then just popped the back on and folded down all of the blasted metal things. I love Ikea, but man I hate the back of their frames!

I didn't worry about the back - I just cut off any major excess and used masking tape to stick it all down. 

Then I hung it back on the wall.  Super quick and easy, for a big bold statement piece of art.

I had an end piece of the fabric left over that I didn't want to see go to waste.  

So...another art project was born.

I used some teeny tiny scissors and very patiently cut around the patten during the Bachelorette one night.  I used the sailboat picture and frame from above, and just flipped the poster over so that I had a nice white background (just like I did for the pin art).  Then I simply placed the fabric how I wanted it and reattached the back.  Luckily I didn't even need to use any glue or tape, so the poster can still be flipped around in the future if I want.

Then this little guy was hung up next to his big brother.

It's some crazy, crazy fabric, hey? I know you are thinking that I tweaked the heack out of the pictures in this post. Believe me, I didn't.  The fabric is really that bright! I love it though, and I love even more that it has some sentimental value to Mr. Swell and his parents.

I have one more project to share with you that's part of the guest room spruce up, and then I'll show you the guest room mini-revamp.

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  1. i love this fabric and sad to see it cut down. I would have framed it as is and used it as 1 huge painting:)


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