20 Aug 2012

Let's Take a Dip

I am a little obsessed with dipping these days.  Carrots in ranch, pretzels in chocolate, knives in peanut butter....all are fantastic, but I'm talking furniture dipping.  Have you seen the dipping trend? If you follow me onPinterest ('cause you know....you should...) you will have witnessed my obsession with the Dip Dyed trend.  It's everywhere. Dipped furniture legs, dipped bowls, dipped utensils.  I love these bone handled salad forks.  Although technically they aren't dipped, I figure they go along with the trend well enough.  I think I need these in my life soon....


It was high time that I jumped on the dipping bandwagon.  I had a little white chair sitting in the guest room that was just begging for some fresh paint and some blingy legs.  

This chair has been around since I was 2 years old and was my first chair after a high chair.  Love that it is from the 80's but doesn't scream 80's.

I brought it out to the garage and gave it a quick sand.  Then I used a foam brush and foam roller to apply 3 coats of khaki coloured paint.  The colour is Martha Stewart's Crevecoeur.  It's the same colour I used on thedresser in the guest room.  

Then I used Frog Tape to tape off each leg 5 inches from the bottom of the leg.  After the tape was on I did one more coat of khaki along the bottom of the tape.  By doing one more coat of the same colour it ensures that if there is any bleed under the tape, it is of the same colour instead of the contrasting colour.

Then the bottom of the legs received a couple coats of gold using Valspar's Metallic Gold spray paint.

While the paint was still wet I removed the tape.

Nice crisp lines. Love it.

I waited a day or so for the whole thing to dry and then moved it back up to the guest room.

Total cost: $0  I already had the Martha Stewart paint (in the form of a sample pot) and the spray paint.  

How about you? Ready to take a dip?  This is the last project in the guest room.  The reveal is up later this week.


  1. Oooo I love it!! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks so much! Thank you for stopping by.


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