2 Sep 2012

Admit it...Everyone Has a Corner That Looks Like This

I know I am not alone in having a corner that looks like this.

Ok, ok, maybe you don't have super cute birds on twig hooks, but I know you must have the junk....right? It's a drop zone that has good intentions. It intends to be organized. It intends to be useful. It intends to be somewhat stylish. But really, it's just ugly and chaotic. I'd been hauling around the naked (i.e. unfinished) butcher block for a few houses and trying to make it fit into this house. It didn't.  Everywhere I put it, it just seemed to stick out.  See, even in this space it jutted out past the wall. Drove me nuts.  What drove me even more nuts was the fact that junk was drawn to it....it was a mecca for junk. It was so big that we could just hide the junk in baskets.  I couldn't handle it any longer. It looked messy and every day I would have to pick all of our junk up off of the floor as Fin learned how to step on the bottom shelf and hoist herself up just enough to haul everything down. 

This is the only photo I could find of the destruction. It was taken about 6 months ago - so just imagine the destruction her 14 month old self is capable of now.

But let's be real here, we need a place to drop our junk when we come in the door.  I just needed it to have less surface area and be munchkin proof.

A little trip to Ikea ensued.  While we were there picking up organizing stuff, I also shoved a new rug in our cart.  

Pretty cool, right? Mr. Swell was so proud of me. I actually hate spending money on stuff that's going to get dirty.  I know, it's weird, but it's just one of my things. I always cheap out on entrance rugs. He's been begging me to get a bigger mat for years and I just keep saying that they are too ugly and too expensive.  Even at Wal-Mart the big rugs are almost $50, and they are hideous. I saw this one though and couldn't resist.  It was $24.99.  My kind of price.  It's actually from the kids department at Ikea, but it's really low pile and has rubber backing.  So it's not officially an 'entrance rug', but it basically is the same thing.   I also love that when you walk in the back door that bright green zipper welcomes you to our home.  Come in...unzip...it's all good.

Ok, the rug is great. But let's get back on track with the organizing.  A few wall anchors later and we had this.

So much better.  The cute little bird hooks stayed.  They hold Diefenbaker's leash and the towel we use to wipe his paws when he decides to tromp through the muddy garden (well, it's supposed to be a garden, this year it's just weeds really).

On the left wall we hung a little Umbra key and mail holder.  It's magnetic, so you can just slap your keys on it and they stick.  Awesome when you have 8 bags of groceries and a kid, and you refuse to make 2 trips from the car.  We had it before, just hadn't had it hanging up for a while.

The 2 silver rails are what we picked up at Ikea.  They are the Bygel rails and were $2.99 each. Score.  If you are looking for them, they are in the kitchen section.  The little buckets are also Bygel and were $0.99 each.  And the hooks were $1.49 for 6 (we are only using 3 for now).

The bottom rail holds Fin's coats so that she can easily get at them.  Under her coats is a basket of her toys.  We have toys in almost every room.  It keeps things semi-tidy and easier to pick up at the end of the day.  We pull out this basket whenever we are cooking so that she can occupy herself for about 2 and a half minutes.  

Just in case you are interested, here's the toys she is into these days.

Gerry Berry the Ugly Doll - I love him! She also really likes playing with an old pot.  She puts all her toys in and then takes them out, very methodically.  I also fill old bottles with rice and beans for her to shake and make music with.  But I digress...again.

I don't know about you, but I like looking at other people's junk.  What do they hoard? What do they just have to hang on to? 

Here's our junk for you to peruse.

The one bucket holds dog poop bags and bubbles.  An odd combo, yes, but they both come on walks.  The other holds pens.  My name is Kelly and I am a pen hoarder (i.e pen kleptomaniac).  The last bucket holds randoms.  Mostly screwdrivers, but there are also a couple packs of gum in there. 

And one more photo, just because I am so excited about our new bucket and rail system.  I wanted to sneak the rug in there so you could see the low pile...so it's at a weird angle.

So there you have it.  A mudroom that I am not embarrassed to show.  Grand total: $35.43

PS. Did you catch the sneak peek of the new kitchen art?  Are you getting ready to see the whole kitchen in one post yet? I know, the suspense is killing you.

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  1. Kelly, Your newly organized space looks great! Yes, I have several places in my house that look like that! (the before picture) I just started buying some new organizing stuff this past week for our closets. I wish that I had an Ikea near me! I could use one now that I am in "organizing mode." Life to the full, Melissa

    1. Thanks Melissa. I do love that we live near an Ikea - they have some great organizing things that are so inexpensive. You can always try and order some of the stuff online to fulfil your organizing fix! Have a great Labour Day.

  2. It looks great!! I have a laundry/mud room that is WAY worse, and no hope of making it neat. Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Hey Kelly, thanks for stopping by today :) I definitely have (more than one) corner like that, but just keep averting my eyes. Eventually well get to tackling them! Your update looks great, and at a great price too!

  4. Im envious - would love to have an Ikea nearby. Love all their stuff.

    And those bird clips are just too cute!

    -Erica F

  5. yes I have a corner like that... its called my office :x

    i keep picking it up and re-organizing it, promising not to fill again with crap but then company comes over short notice... and i havent cleaned...

    its kinda my monica room until i find a place for everything. ive been here only two years you know?

    glad yours turned out so beautiful!


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