12 Sep 2012

Change of Pace

Since I started this little blog I've had people I know (and some I don't know) comment that they don't know how I do it all.  How I complete so many projects so quickly.  How I find time to blog. How I find time to scour thrift shops.  It always makes me roll my eyes and sort of half laugh.  There isn't anything further from the truth.  I don't do it all.  I have tons of support.  Other things suffer sometimes when we are in the middle of projects.  Our house tends to be somewhat tidy but is nowhere near clean.  Heck, the other day I dusted our leather living room chair with a throw cushion because it was the closest thing I could find.  I stress on finishing things when I should just relax and enjoy a night in front of the TV with my husband.  

I promised to not be one of those people who puts on a show on my blog and that makes other people feel bad that they can't keep up.  That's so not me.  If I am being completely honest, lately things have been adding up and I'm feeling the pressure.  Mr. Swell has been busy at night with his own things (that I 100% support), my day job (the one that actually pays the bills) is getting into a busy time, and Fin often runs me off my feet.  If it's a day that Mr. Swell has other commitments, I sometimes work all day, come home and make dinner, bathe Fin, put her to bed, battle with her for an hour before she sleeps and then finally have a few minutes to breathe.  Please don't get me wrong, my life is fantastic.  I by no means have it very hard. I have no idea how single parents do it.  The point though, is that all I have energy to do is collapse on the couch for a couple of hours and crawl into bed. 

If you know me in real life, you know that I am a total Type A.  I am anal.  I like things a certain way and have a hard time letting go of control.  I like routines and schedules.  I (and I alone) put pressure on myself.  Blogging is no exception. I started this blog and then dove in full force.  I researched, I read how people became successful, I learned HTML, I read that you have to have great content, post regularly, etc, etc.  I figured that if I am going to do this, I am going to do it right.  And so far I think I've managed to do a fairly decent job.  I've truly enjoyed it.  I love having an outlet to share with you all of my trials and tribulations and to connect with others across the world.  

The thing is though.....I can't keep up this pace.  I have to be honest with myself.  I want to blog about what I love, what I am proud of, and what we do manage to accomplish around here.   I don't want to post filler content just because I haven't posted 3 times that week.   The truth is that the projects around our house are winding down a bit.  We still have tons to do and I still have a lot to share, but the winter is always a bit challenging around here to get things done.  Hauling furniture in and out of the garage through the snow is really not very exciting.  I also want to spend lots of time with Fin and Mr. Swell, and not compromise our time together because I feel that I have to get a project done so that I can post about it by a certain date.  I don't want to worry any more about my blog stats, when I should start running ads, who featured my project, have I updated twitter, etc, etc.  Although it's sometimes really hard for me, I am going to try and go with the flow.  Let go of some control and see what happens. 

So, to make a long story long, what I am trying to say is that my pace around here is going to change a bit.  I am not going anywhere, I just may not be here as regularly.  I am going to try really hard to post when I want to and not when I feel that I have to.  I am sure sometimes that might be multiple times a week, and other times it might be silent for a week, but when you do see new content you will know that I am writing it because I want to, and not because I feel that I have to.

And lastly, thank you for reading and for all of your support over the past months.  All I do is blab about what we do around here and surprisingly, people read it.  I so appreciate you taking the time to read and to comment.  



  1. No worries, I love visiting your page and seeing what's going on. I'm looking forward to getting over my own hurdles just so I can get started writing myself.

    You absolutely have to do what is best for yourself and the time you have with your family - I think everyone can appreciate that, especially because you only want to do this if it's something that you enjoy - otherwise it'll become a drudgery and a strain.

    I'll be happy to read up whenever you have new posts to share.

    -Erica F :)

    1. You are too kind! I hope you get up and writing soon too....it is really nice (and often quite freeing) to share. And there is a great community. I think the trick it to try and let it happen organically and not stress - otherwise the stress starts to come through in the writing.

  2. Although I am new to your blog, I am happy to hear you are going to be allowing yourself to adapt to a more natural rhythm and that you will no longer be "shoulding" all over yourself ;-)

    1. Thanks Carla. Hopefully it means I will have more time to work on some other articles ;)


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