21 Sep 2012

{How you Doin?} Bottle Garden Stakes

Raise your hand if you are a Friends fan.  I seriously hope everyone has their hands up (and if you don't love Friends, please tell me why....I can't understand).  Man, I miss that show.  Here's a little video for you to reminisce.....

So, as a little tribute to Joey Tribbiani, I'm starting a new little series called How you Doin? 

Do you ever see a blog project and then think to yourself, "looks good now, but give it a toddler, direct sunlight and a year of wear, and then I bet it won't look so hot".   Well, the plan with this series is to show you a project that I did and then show you how it's looking now.  Maybe it's undergone a transformation, maybe it's still working great, or maybe it really is showing some wear and tear.....I won't hide it, even if it's totally embarrassing.

Do you remember the Bottle Garden Stakes that I made back in the spring? They were actually a guest post that I did over on Chic on a Shoestring Decorating.  

I had the pot and garden stakes out on our front porch for quite a while, but then they just started to get in the way.  I kept hitting the twigs with the stroller and the fake flowers kept blowing all over the grass and I was constantly gathering them up and rearranging which drove me sort of insane.  I finally gave up on the whole arrangement and tossed it in the garage. 

Over the summer my Mom moved into a new townhouse and asked me about the bottle stakes.   She has a big entryway and thought they'd fill up the space.  I happily handed them over, minus the silver bucket.  Plus....the antique bottles were really hers to begin with.  

Luckily she isn't as cheap as me, and actually spent money on real flowers, which look about 100 times better than the fake flowers.  She also stuck the twigs in a taller bucket, which seems to work much better.  

Better after, right?  I am so happy that they found a home where they are much more appreciated.

I'm open to suggestions on this little series, so if there's a project you're just dying for a status update on let me know!

Have a great weekend.  I've been sick for  over a week now....it's time for it to end...that, or I need to buy stock in Kleenex so that I can at least get rich.

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