7 Sep 2012

How About A Nice Hot Bowl of Steaming Peas?

This is the story of a sad little stool.  A stool that was abandoned on the back alley 3 doors down.  A stool that I decided could come live in our garage for a while.  It was sad because it was ugly.  Ugly, stained, and stuck in the 80s.

It wanted a makeover....desperately.  It practically begged me.

So, it was carefully disassembled and its legs were given a couple coats of hammered black spray paint (leftover from our kitchen cabinet handles).

Then its ugly green corduroy cover was ripped off with authority and tossed in the garbage bin.

It was time for a new cover.  But what would that be?  A vintage dry green pea sack ordered off Etsy of course!  If you follow me on Facebook, you saw how Diefenbaker was also quite fond of the pea sack.

Who wouldn't want a steaming hot bowl of peas from Little Red Riding Hood.  The little stool would!

Diefenbaker was sad to see his pea sack being cut up.  He had to look away.

After a little stretching and stapling (and some corner fanangling) everything was in place.

The last thing this little stood needed was his legs back.

And then his makeover was complete.

He was happy to no longer be in the back alley, and to instead sit in a freshly organized mud room.

And to provide a perfect perch for the Princess of the house.

Ok, in all seriousness....is that not the funniest look ever. That kid totally cracks me up!

We needed a stool that Fin could sit on while we put her shoes on, and this one fit the bill perfectly.  Even better that it was free.  The only cost was the sack, which I ordered off of Etsy for $14.25 including shipping.  A little bit of a splurge...but I couldn't pass up the lady and her peas.

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  1. Kelly, I love how the stool turned out. So cute, and Fin looks precious perched on it. :)

    -Erica F

    1. Thanks Erica! Fin is pretty funny isnt she? Just lately shes started to really like getting her shoes on (she used to hate any footwear), so the stool works like a charm. Thanks for the comment..always appreciated.


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