26 Sep 2012

Roadside Attraction

Our (almost revamped) kitchen was pleading with me for some new art.  We had a couple of old windows up on the wall, but once I hung the vintage car curtains, I was no longer loving the windows - they just made everything look too old fashioned.  I scoured Etsy for ideas, but was coming up empty.  There is tons of vintage car art out there, but I just didn't want our kitchen to become too kitschy (kitschy kitchens are bad).  I wanted something a bit quirky - a bit unexpected for a kitchen.  Then it hit me.  Vintage road signs!  That would be perfect.  That was until I couldn't find anything that I liked that was in our price range.  So, I adjusted the plan and went smaller.  I found a shop on Etsy that was selling postcards of road signs - 9 of them for $8.  Sold.  About 3 weeks later (customs delay...) they arrived.

Then the challenge was to make them look beefier than they were.

Enter the giant frame that I bought at a garage sale earlier this year (the painting was already out of it and up in our basement....redone of course).

As you can see, the frame was sort of a cream colour with gold speckles - wasn't going to work in our kitchen.  The solution? Spray paint of course.  A whole can of white gloss spray paint later and I had a brand new looking frame.

My original plan was to hang the postcards on invisible thread that was strung across the frame - sort of like they were floating in the frame.  I did that, and hung it on the wall for a while...and I hated it....and Fin loved it.  She wouldn't leave it alone.  Her spaghetti covered hands and the white postcards were not a match made in heaven.

Plan B.....

I went to the Dollarama and picked up five $1 frames.  They were plastic fake silver but had nice detail.

Solution? More spray paint.

I popped 5 of the postcards and the frames. Everything instantly looked better.

Then began the very frustrating task of measuring and trying to centre these suckers within the big frame.  A lot of swearing and pencil marks on the wall ensued, but I eventually won.  Instead of putting 5 more holes in the wall (and because the frames were only meant to stand), I used Command picture hanging strips.  Thankfully the velcro on the strips also allowed me to play around with each frame until they were all lined up straight.

You want a close up? Ok.

And from a little further away? Happy to oblige.

See how Diefenbaker can't contain his excitement?  Ignore the toy explosion please.

I love how it fills pretty much the entire wall, but it still feels airy.  I also love how the roadsigns add a bit of quirk.  Oh...and how now Fin can't touch the pictures anymore...that's just a bonus.

Total cost:  $10 (garage sale frame) + $5 (dollar store frames) + $8 (postcards) + $10 (2 cans of spray paint) = $33  Not the cheapest art around, but not bad considering that I'll always be able to use the frames again with some different art.


  1. Great job - both the big frame and the painting look waaaaayyyy better than they did the last time I saw them!

    1. Thanks! I still feel bad for that poor lady though who really loved the painting. I wonder what she would have thought when she saw me out there with the sander going over her painting?

  2. Love your wall frame, yeah I agree with you it is too airy...but still attractive even though there are spaces.

  3. Hi Kelly, thanks for stopping in at Quirky Vistas and leaving me a comment. That's how I found you. I've been looking around; you have a lot of cute ideas! Your midcentury redo is great. I love midcentury and am always on the lookout for something out of the ordinary like that. Glad you were able to find it and make it over to suit you!


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