1 Oct 2012

Hey Milk Man!

Actually, I guess a more accurate title would be Hey Cream Man, but I don't think there is such a thing as a cream man. Is there? 

Growing up, our house was pink (or as my Mom liked to call it - blush).  We had pink blush walls and pink blush carpet.  In my Mom's defense, it was the early 90s, so pink blush was all the rage.  Southwest decor was also all the rage.  It was embraced in our home.  Blush and aztec mixed in perfect harmony.  This cream can is a perfect example.

Believe me, it was awesome at the time. I loved having the dancing cow in our kitchen growing up.  But....its time was done.  It had been hiding out in storage at my Mom's house for a while, and when she no longer had any use for it, she said that I could have it.  I accepted it on the condition that I could paint over the dancing pink blush cow.

I dusted it off, sanded down some of the cow paint ridges, and then dusted it off again.  Then I got to work with a can of white high gloss spray paint.  Bye Bye dancing Bessie.

At this point I actually had no idea what I was going to do next - I just knew it needed to be modernized.  After letting it dry for a few days, I then pulled out the Frog Tape and started trying a few things. I seriously debated just painting some horizontal stripes, but that just seemed to easy.  Instead I went the hard way, and chose a chevron pattern.  Now, if you are a chevron painting virgin, you won't know how much measuring, taping and re-taping is actually required to achieve these high class zig zags.   What was supposed to be a 5 minute taping project was still going strong at the one hour mark.  

My basic method was to tape off an x-pattern, and then use an X-Acto knife to cut the tape and peel it off to create a point.

After I pressed down all of the seams so they were nice and tight, I covered the top and bottom of the can with plastic....and more tape.  After ALL that, I then gave it all a coat of silver spray paint.  

Before the paint was dry I used the knife again to help me peel off all of the tape.  It's important to peel the tape off while the paint is still wet so that the tape doesn't take any paint flakes with it.

After all of the peeling, the cream can looked like it belonged in the 21st century.

Then it was moved into our kitchen.

And just because I love a good before and after, here's a little side by side for you.

Any good cream can stories out there? Or how about milk man stories????

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  1. I'm with you on this one - your house was pink!

    1. Yes, it really was, wasn't it? I know that once it was sold the new owners painted and changed the carpet :)

  2. I've been wondering what to do with the old milk can from my grandparents farm. It was just painted a solid (outdated) color, but it smacked way too much of the old country style decor which I never liked anyway. I didn't want to part with it, but it's been a happy spider home in my basement for years and years. A graphic design is a great idea. - Ellen

    1. Good luck Ellen! I think an Ombre type treatment would also be neat and bring it into the present (and non-country!!). Thanks for stopping by.

  3. I love milk cans. My parents found one out in the woods behind the house where I grew up in TX. There used to be a dairy nearby.

    Mom brought it inside and painted it to match the decor of our 70's ranch home - avocado green and it stayed that way until about 1996, when she painted it black.

    Now it's mine but it has lost some of its luster and I'm contemplating painting it again. The only hard part in choosing a color is figuring out where I want it to go.

    -Erica F

    1. Maybe put it somewhere unexpected? Then you can paint it a fun colour. What about in the entry way as an umbrella holder? It doesn't rain here very much, but I love fun umbrella holder. Or as a plant stand? Would look cute with some succulents. Too bad... avocado is coming back strong!

  4. Love this! It looks really cool and great job on the stripes! =]


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