18 Oct 2012

Halloween Porch

Once October 15th hit, I figured it was ok for me to really start decorating for Halloween.  I don't like putting holiday decorations out too early or I just get totally sick of them before the holiday is even here (which is why you won't see any Christmas around here until at least December 1).  I showed you my new skeleton door hanging last week.  I was digging the skeletons, so I decided to just go with it for the rest of the porch.  Almost everything is from the dollar store, and excluding the pumpkins, cost less than $15.

Please promise me that there will be no judging the state that the stairs are in.  They so desperately need a new coat of paint, but it just didn't happen over the summer.  That's life, right?

Because of the size of our porch, I can't go too crazy.  We still have to be able to all stand up there, Great Dane included, and prefer to not trip over things. 

It's too early yet to carve pumpkins, so instead I drew some skulls on the biggest pumpkins that I could find at the grocery store.

I printed out some clip-art, cut it out and then traced it onto the pumpkin using a Sharpie.  I then just sort of freehanded the rest and filled in with Sharpie.  You can tell my art skills are that of about a 3 year old.....something went askew with his jaw.  Oh well, he's a skeleton, maybe it's wired shut?  That's sort of what it looks like....

The little green pumpkin is from my friend Kendra.  She grew it in her garden, which amazes me (since we only grew weeds this year).  I think it's so cute.  The skull needed some cuteness to balance its scariness (ha!), so this totally fit the bill.

I love the yellow caution tape that's wrapped around the column and tied onto the plant hook.  I've used it every year we've been in this house.  You can't beat the $1 price tag for it. 

I also quite enjoy the crazy hair on the skull.  Do skulls even have hair?  On second thought, I'm not sure if I want to know that answer.

There's also a small infestation of rats in one corner.  Of course they like hanging out with a random appendage.

True fact:  Alberta is rat free.  We have a rat patrol.  No jokes.  A few month ago there were rats that made it across the border from Saskatchewan and it actually made the news!  It was a big deal.  We have mice, just no rats.  Hopefully the rat patrol won't show up at our house.  

Hands down, the mail box is my favorite part of this Halloween porch.

It took me about 2 seconds to do, but I just LOVE the blood coming out of it.  I know this is fake jelly sticky blood, so that's why I love it.   Real blood coming out of a mail box would definitely give me nightmares for years.  I debated putting a fake foot in it for the paper boy, but figured he already has to deal with Diefenbaker giving him the stare down every day, so he didn't deserve any more punishment.

By the way, the wind was blowing like crazy while I was taking these photos, so the porch light is just blowing around - it's not crooked like that all the time.  Crooked all the time would drive me nuts.

So there you have it.  We are officially ready for trick or treaters.  I just put the finishing touches on Fin's Halloween costume.  I am so excited for her to go trick or treating this year (to about 3 houses before she gets too cold...and the novelty wears off).

How about you?  Are you done decorating for Halloween?  Any good rat stories for me?  I can honestly say I have never even seen a rat!


  1. So fun!
    I think the 15th is safe...you want your house to be fun for the kiddies in the hood to see! We went for a walk today looking for halloween houses!!!

    1. Thanks Shannon! My daughter is loving halloween stuff this year....she really wants to play with the squeaky rats!


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