2 Oct 2012

Kitchen Reveal

Stick a fork in it, it's done!  The small kitchen project that we started back in June morphed into a way bigger project that crept into the fall, but I think we can now officially declare the kitchen revamped.  If you've been with me for this whole journey, I'm sure you've felt my pain sometimes, and you're probably getting sick of kitchen posts.  Well, this is it.  I am going to try and keep it short and sweet, so just get ready for lots and lots of photos.  If you are a numbers type of person, the whole budget breakdown is at the bottom of the post, along with the links to all of the projects.

Ready?  Let's go!

The before.....

 And now the after....get ready for picture overload!

Budget Kitchen Remodel.  #paintedcabinets #kitchen
Budget Kitchen Remodel.  #paintedcabinets #kitchen

Budget Kitchen Remodel.  #paintedcabinets #kitchen
Budget Kitchen Remodel.  #paintedcabinets #kitchen
Budget Kitchen Remodel.  #paintedcabinets #kitchen

Budget Kitchen Remodel.  #paintedcabinets #kitchen
Budget Kitchen Remodel.  #paintedcabinets #kitchen

Just in case this is all feeling a little too serene for you.....this is what was happening while I was taking photos. The kibble is no longer my enemy #1 - it's now the slobbery dog water! About a minute after I took this photo, she dumped the whole dish on the floor and then played in water some more.

Ok, here's the number crunching.  I tried really hard to save all of my receipts so that I could give you exact amounts, but a certain 14 month old really likes to go through my purse and toss things, which means I am going off of memory for some of the amounts (but they are close because thankfully I have a good memory for numbers).

Cabinets: paint, primer, rollers, spray paint.  $108
Backsplash: tiles, grout, paddle mixer, silicone, silicone remover. $195
Island: beadboard, trim $35
Curtains: fabric, rods, clips, hem tape. $254
Window Valance: $0 (made completely from left overs)
Shelving: $0 (used, were given to us)
Table: lumber, stain. $100
End Tables: lumber, beadboard, stain, hardware. $107
Mud room: carpet, organizing materials.  $36
Stool: burlap sack. $15
Decor: cuckoo clock, ceramic dog, frames, pin board, spray paint, pin art. $69
Selling our old table and butcher block: + $60

Grand Total: $859

Our goal was to do the whole project for under $1000, which we achieved.  Not too bad considering we hadn't budgeted for a new table or the end tables.  Selling our old table and butcher block on Kijiji also helped.

If you haven't been around for the whole kitchen saga, here are the links to each of the projects.
How to paint kitchen cabinets (prepping & priming)
Spray painting the cabinet handles
Adding beadboard to the kitchen island
Farmhouse table
Tearing down a cabinet and adding open shelving
Chevron Cream Can
White frames with roadside signs
Pleated pin board
Window valance
Mudroom stool
Mudroom organization
Ceramic dog cookie container
Cuckoo clock
Pin art
The kitchen plan of attack
The dining area plan of attack

It didn't actually feel like that many projects until I started linking up all of the posts and realized that this little kitchen pretty much consumed our summer.  It was worth it though.  I couldn't be happier with the end result.

How about one more before and after?

So. Much. Better.  'Nuff said..

TDC Before and After


  1. That looks fantastic! I cant wait to do our kitchen make over but at the same time, Im not sure I want to tackle it ourselves!

    1. Thanks so much! I guess it depends how much of a make over youre doing. I wouldnt have wanted to do it ourselves if we had to hang cabinets, etc. Have a great day.

  2. Love seeing all the projects tied together. Ive really enjoyed seeing the progression of changes - the results truly reward all your hard work and effort.

    -Erica F

    1. Thank you Erica! I love seeing it all together too. Now, if only my kitchen could look so tidy every day so that the projects (instead of dishes) took front stage.

  3. WOW. Like, seriously wow. I cant believe you did all that for under $1000! I think the oversized subway tile and pops of yellow are my favorite parts. It is SO well done!

    1. Youre so kind! Thank you. I was so worried about using the big tile, but couldnt be happier with how it turned out. Big tile = savings!

  4. oh my gosh, what a GREAT transformation! i LOVE the subway tile, the new chunky table, and the window coverings!

  5. I love this kitchen.. its pretty and yet fun at the same time. Has personality! :)

    1. Thank you. I do like my rooms to have personality!

  6. Looks so great!!! Very fresh and modern!! What a huge upgrade!!!!

  7. I am DROOling on the keyboard! Love your updo. I have that same cookie jar and I am loving him a solid color.

  8. WOW!! Amazing....Great job! new visitor from www.atozebracelebrations.com.

  9. Great makeover! So cheerful and colourful!

  10. WOW! so pretty. love the gray and the subway tile - #jealous!
    Would love if you came and linked up with us. Were giving away one free week of ad space for one lucky feature, and our blog gets thousands of hits per day! Hope to see you there!


  11. Love love love!!!! It looks like such a happy place!! I like the dining area too...those open dining areas are sometimes difficult to make look nice, but you nailed it!!

    1. Thanks so much Elizabeth! The dining area was definitely a tricky one, especially since the light isnt centred! (nothing can be easy, can it?)

  12. Amazing all the way around! I especially love the gray paint on the walls. Can you share the color please?

    -- Janice

    1. So sorry, just saw this now. It was buried in spam. The colour on the wall is Benjamin Moore Rockport Grey. One of my faves!


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