22 Nov 2012

{How You Doin'?} Orchid Gone, Twigs In

It's time for another instalment of How you Doin'?

 Remember the orchid we had sitting on our refinished credenza in the living room (you might have to think way, way, way back... or see it here)?  I have to admit that I didn't have much faith in it when we first bought it.  I don't have a reputation of keeping living things living for too long (although Fergus is still alive and well). Surprisingly enough, the orchid actually lasted for a good 6 months. Then, over the course of a few weeks blooms fell off one by one until it completely bit the dust.  Now, I know I could have done the whole orchid whisperer thing to try and get it to bloom again, but honestly....I just don't have patience for it.

We lived with the credenza like this for a while.....

But the empty space above the red vase kept bothering me.

I was tempted to buy another orchid, but spending $30 every couple of months just isn't in the budget.  So, instead I 'liberated' a few dead twigs from a fallen tree during a Diefenbaker walk.  I brought the twigs back to the garage and used a knife to remove any loose and peeling bark.  Once they were fairly smooth, I then gave them a coat of Valpsar metallic gold spray paint (are you getting sick of seeing gold spray paint yet?? I feel like every other project is gold...but it's my favorite right now!).  

Added bonus is that the twigs match my DIY brass elephant book ends.

And there you go.  5 minute, free filler for our awkward space.  I have been contemplating hot gluing some fake blooms onto the branches (sort of randomly). What do you think?  Leave them as is? Or jazz them up a bit more?

Since this little series is inspired by Joey from Friends, I'll leave you with one of my favourite Friends clips of all time.  I think it's fitting since it is American Thanksgiving this week.  Anyone have some yummy trifle for Thanksgiving?



  1. The gold branches are great!

  2. That does look great, the gold really stands out against your wall colour - gorgeous!

  3. that is a lovely idea looks wonderful

  4. I like the branch idea...my goodness, we have so many of those in our yard. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Erica...your blog is almost up! I saw that you posted your comment with your blog name and popped on over to check it out. You are almost there! Im excited to read some of your stories.

  5. Thanks! I really appreciate it...especially since you know how long I have dragged along here. I dont have to be Anonymous Erica F anymore! :)

    I finally bit the bullet and put a little blurb out there. Now I gotta get crackin for as I said earlier, there is much to do!

    Thanks so much for your encouragement, and as always - I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your projects!


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