26 Nov 2012

Instagram Magnets

After I posted my failed attempt at animal magnets a few weeks back, my friend Cara sent me a message with an idea.  She said that she had created magnets for her son by printing out some family pictures and then sticking them to a full sheet magnet.  Brilliant, right?  I thought so.  (Thanks Cara for totally letting me copy your idea!!).  

Fin has some laminated photos on a key ring that my Mom made for her and she just loves them.  We flip through them over and over naming the people in the photos.  Since she loves those photos so much, and magnets are her obsession du-jour, I figured she'd be over the moon for some photo magnets. 

I found some Avery printable magnet sheets at Staples.  Who knew such a thing existed?  Not I! I picked up a package and figured I'd give them a shot.  

I thought this little project would be perfect for my Instagram photos.  I have tonnes of cute photos that I've taken with Instagram, but then I don't tend to do anything with them.  The square size is a little awkward for framing, but is perfect for some little magnets.  

I imported the pictures into Word and then resized them so that I could fit 12 on a page (they ended up each being 6 cm square).  Once I had them all lined up, it was as easy as hitting print.  The magnet sheet fed through my inkjet printer no problem (thank goodness, because I was NOT looking forward to unjamming magnetic pieces).  

The sheets are actually quite thin, so it was really easy to cut through.  I used a sharp knife and a ruler to cut out each of the squares.

The problem with the sheets though, is that they were so thin I knew Fin would have a hard time getting them off of the fridge.  At that point I really wished we had another magnetic board around the house....but we didn't.  Well, use what your mama gave you, right?  Muffin tins (which my Mom actually DID give me...haha). 

I flipped the muffin tin over and stuck on 6 of the magnets.  It worked perfect.  Fin's little fingers could grab them and move them around.  She sat in my lap for quite a while and we worked on finding the people (and dog) and sticking the magnets onto the empty spaces.  

The only downside to these magnets is because the sheets are thin, they aren't very strong magnets.  They can't hold a piece of paper up on the fridge, but they do stick on themselves.  The picture is also just printed on paper, so if sticky little toddler fingers (who happened to just be eating beets) touches them, they are pretty much toast.  Since these are so easy to create though, and I only used 1 out of the 5 sheets in the package, it's easy enough to just print some new magnets with more recent photos. 

Hurray for friends with brilliant ideas and for toddler activities that last more than 10 minutes.

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  1. I didnt know those magnet sheets even existed! I love the Instagram photo magnets and Ive been seeing them a lot but I cant figure out how to transfer them to Word.... =[

    1. Sorry, I should have explained how I did that! Since I use apple products for everything, my Instagram photos automatically feed to my computer through iCloud, and then I just drag them from iPhoto into Word. I have heard great things about Instaport though (http://instaport.me/). Its a website that exports your Instagram photos into a .zip folder and then you can open it and import the photos from your hard drive into Word. Let me know how it goes if you give it a try!

  2. Great idea, Kelly! Even better that it keeps little people busy. Im all for that! Pinning this idea right now! :)

  3. What a fun idea! I love how they turned out!
    I nominated you for the Liebster Award, come check it out if you want to pass it on!

  4. Cute! I was thinking of buying a sheet of those magnets from Staples, printing my instagram pics is a good idea for my condo! Thanks :P




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