9 Dec 2012

Christmas 2012, Part Deux

A few days ago I showed you my nativity scene collection, and now it's time to show you the rest of the Christmas garb.  If you are expecting lovely garlands and twinkling lights adorned with fake fluffy snow, you are going to be sorely disappointed   Remember how I said this is a minimalist Christmas for us?  Well, I really did stick to my guns.  There are a select few things around the house, but I definitely did not go crazy.

My only new purchase this year (aside from the deer that I bought in the summer) was this blingy wreath.

I bought it at a local garden centre, which just happens to be the largest Christmas store in Alberta.  It's huge...actually it's quite overwhelming.  It's all organized by colour, so each aisle has a different colour with coordinating ornaments, ribbon, garland, etc.  It makes me wish that I had the money to just walk down an aisle and decide this year our house is going to be purple, or teal, or silver...any colour you want really.  But, alas....I do not have the money, and if I did I might actually miss having some of my sentimental stuff around. Anyhow, I had a gift card for the garden centre that I have received for my birthday and I somehow managed to hang onto it from June to December so that I could splurge on one Christmas item (believe me, gift cards lingering in my wallet doesn't happen very often).

I have very little happening on the outside of the house this year ((i.e. one pathetic 10 year old wreath), so I figured the new wreath deserved a place of prominence inside.

In keeping with my minimalist goal, we opted out of a tree this year and instead I decorated our newly gilded twigs.

I actually had all of the little ornaments from a table top tree that I had one year.  I just added some little silver balls and called it a day.

I kind of like it so much that I am tempted to make this our 'tree' for years to come.

You may have caught a glimpse of my candles in this post last week.  And only now am I realizing that this is actually another collection.  I declared last week that I only have 2 collections, but apparently I lied (totally unintentionally of course!). Oops...

I haven't added to this collection for so long that I sort of forgot about it.  I received candles as gifts when I was a kid and I just kept them all (hoarding tendencies) until they turned into quite the group of oddball candles.  Some of them are so old that they are actually starting to disintegrate   I think the snowman was a hand me down from someone else, because there is no way that I can be old enough for candles to start crumbling!

And yes, there's a totally random frog candle in the middle of the Christmas candles.  He's been there for years, so I figure it's ok that he stays.  Wouldn't want to separate him from his friends.

In our kitchen I have what may be a couple of my favourite Christmas decorations.  My giant Mr. and Mrs. Clause troll dolls.  Is that strange? That I love my trolls?  Troll dolls were THE thing when I was growing up and my Grandparents gave me this lovely/creepy couple one year and they just brings back memories.

Apparently Fin is not too fond of trolls though and I actually had to stuff them inside of the cabinet or she wouldn't eat anything.  Maybe the eyes freak her out?  Hopefully next year she will be more down with the trolls.  How is she ever going to play bingo if trolls freak her out?

Half way up the stairs I have my stained glass. Ya, I know what you are thinking..."Kelly, this is another collection you have lied about".  No, it's not.  These stained glass were my Grandmother's, so I do not consider it my collection at all - it's hers.  I haven't added to it since I received them 3 years ago. So I can say it's not mine, right?

So pretty....just ignore how close the house next door is!

Of course my fav is the nativity scene one. 

And lastly, in the upstairs hallway I have my new blinged out books and elf-ized vintage dutch couple. I still can't get enough of them!  Their little hats make me laugh every time I walk up the stairs (which is about a million and a half times a day).  Ya, I know I am a total dork that shimmery hats make me giddy.  It's ok...I'm cool with it.   

I borrowed that little white and yellow vase from the guest bedroom, and then just hung some sparkly gold pinecones on the twigs.  I picked up the pinecones last year on clearance after Christmas from The Home Depot and totally forgot I had bought them. I LOVE that...finding stuff I forgot I bought.  It's like finding money in your winter coat the first time you put it on in the fall.  Makes for a good day!

I also shoved a few of the pinecones into the little bird cage candle holder that sits on the table. 

The box of pinecones was huge, so I have quite a few left.  I contemplated putting them in a dish on display, but Fin wanted to play with them.  So I let her, which led to us playing with the sparkly pinecones for the next week or so.  We count them, stack them, lick them (she does...not me), etc, etc.  So, needless to say the whole house is sparkly now....including Diefenbaker who wakes up every morning with gold sparkles all over his face. 

Along with my many nativity scenes, that's pretty much what we have going on around our house this year.  Maybe next year I will gather the gusto to unpack all of the Christmas boxes (first I have to gather the strength to haul them out of the tiny crawl space).  How about you?  Are you all decked out for Christmas?  Do you have a favourite decoration?  Anyone else have troll dolls that their kids are afraid of?

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  1. The branches in a vase as a Christmas tree idea ROCKS. Especially considering we have a tree with exactly zero ornaments on it right now. I keep getting intimidated at the idea of fully decorating it. And Im kinda in love with that little dutch figurine couple. SUPER cute.

  2. I havent decorated as much as I actually want to but thats because my budget wont let me! =]

    1. Sometimes thats not a bad thing. Just say you are going minimalist this year....its in :)

  3. Love, love, love the wreath you chose! Its very glam.

  4. 3 cheers for early hoarding tendencies and cute candles!

  5. kelly, i love it all! the branches are so cool and love your wreath!!!


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