3 Dec 2012

Festive Fabric Covered Books (& elf hats)

Are you ready for some glittery goodness?  I sure hope so because this post has glitter, glitter and oh ya, more glitter!  The folks at Tulip were nice enough to send me a whole box of all things glitter to try out.    There was so much in my box that I didn't even know where to start!  Some of the stand outs were the Tulip Shimmer Sheets, Tulip Shimmer Paints and Tulip Fashion Glitter.

Have you ever seen so many glitter things in one place at one time?  I have not...not in my house anyway!

I started out thinking that I would just make a couple of fabric covered books using the fashion glitter, but then I saw the Tulip Shimmer Sheets and decided that my little vintage dutch couple needed to be blinged out too!  So aren't you lucky....it's 2 tutorials shoved into one glittery post!

For this project I used Tulip Fashion Glitter, Tulip Fashion Glitter Bond, Tulip Shimmer Sheets, Frog Tape, Mod Podge, fabric (I used a drop cloth), cotton balls and a glue gun (sorry, forgot the cotton balls, drop cloth and glue gun when I was collecting everything to photograph).

Let's start with the books.  I scrounged around the house and found 2 hard covered books that we weren't using.

The fact that I am glitter-izing Body-for-Life makes me chuckle to myself. 

I had picked up a canvas drop cloth that was on clearance at Home Depot a while back and figured it would be perfect for this project (and super cost effective). 

I layed out the drop cloth, placed the open book on it and then traced around the book with a pencil leaving a couple of inches all around.  Since the raw edges were going to end up on the inside of the book I didn't worry too much about it being perfect (in fact, it was anything but).

I cut out each piece of fabric and ironed them just enough to smooth out the really bad creases.  Then I used the Frog Tape to tape off a diagonal pattern.  No measuring required....I just eyeballed the whole thing and sort of made it up as I went.

Time to glitter!!!  I used the little sponge that came with the bonding agent to apply a thin layer of bonding agent to the area that I wanted glittered.  The bonding agent dried fairly quickly, so I just did one stripe at a time.  After the bonding agent was on I shook out the fashion glitter and spread it around as best I could to cover up the whole stripe.  

As soon as I was done glittering, I carefully peeled off the tape (to reveal some amazingly crisp glitter stripes!).  Then I let it sit for a couple of hours to ensure that it was completely dry. 

At this point I was pretty excited....it turned out better than I had anticipated!

The next step was to attach the fabric to the book.  Easy, peasy.  I slathered on Mod Podge all over the  book cover using a foam brush, then I just layed the book on the fabric and smoothed everything out.

Before folding under the sides, I cut slits in the fabric along the spine.

Then I opened the book, applied Mod Podge to the inside edge and folded the fabric over.  For the corners I just treated them like a present - fold it into a triangle and then fold it over.

All that was left was the spine piece.  I cut it fairly short and then used my little scissors to shove it into the space between the pages and the cover (it looks harder than it is). 

And....badda boom badda bing....a glitter-tastic fabric covered book!

Total Christmas glam, right?

I repeated the whole process for the red book, just using a different pattern with the tape.

Now, here's the part I bet you have been waiting for.....THE ELF HATS!  Ok, I hope it's not just me who now wants to make every figurine in my house a sparkly elf this Christmas.  I'll make this quick because this post is taking on a life of its own.  The hats are super easy and take less than 5 minutes.

I used the same drop cloth to cut out a semi-circle piece of fabric.  Then I cut out the exact shame shape from the Tulip Shimmer Sheet.  Again, no precision here....just eyeball it. 

Attaching the shimmer is easy.  I layed the shimmer sheet on top of the fabric, covered it all with some of the leftover drop cloth and then ironed it all for about a minute (moving the iron around of course! Scorch marks on elf hats are bad, bad, bad). That's it...then it's all stuck together. 

I formed them into little hats and used the glue gun to secure.

Then I dug out some cotton balls from the bathroom and glued on a little pom pom top and cotton ball trim.


The display on top of my antique Singer sewing machine has now morphed into one that is festive and sparkly.  

Want to check out more glimmer goodness from Tulip?  You can visit their website or connect with them on FacebookTwitter, or Pinterest

Disclaimer:  This is a paid campaign for Blueprint Social made possible by I Love to Create. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I love the elf hats! So cute!

    1. Thanks! theres something about elves that just makes me smile...

  2. Very cool - I loved the blinging books best - what a great idea.

    1. Thanks Erica. Ive been wanting to do a fabric covered book for a while but couldnt find the right material...I guess making my own was the solution!

  3. Oh how I love your fabric covered books! What a super creative idea!

  4. So cool! I love this for any time of year!

  5. seriously these are so fun and i never would have thought to do it!

  6. those book covers are seriously adorable!! Thank you so much for linking up to our party!!


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