29 Dec 2012

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou

That's Happy New Year (in Hawaiian) to all of you!  Did you have a nice Christmas? Did you get lots of relaxing in? We sure did. 
A few weeks back I declared a blogging break and decided to semi-unplug and spend lots of time with the fam. That was all true...but there was more to it.  We spent the holidays in Hawaii.

Thanks for hanging in there with me while there were crickets chirping around here.  The last year has felt a little crazy and rushed, and I was so happy to be able to get away and really just do nothing  (well, aside from chase a very busy 17 month old around).

The funny thing was, that after 2 weeks of not writing a single blog post, I realized that I really missed it.  I wanted to write. I missed connecting with you! So, I am entering 2013 fresh and renewed and ready to go.  We have so much to do in our house in the next couple months and I finally feel ready to start tackling it (it's amazing how being able to sleep in for a few days in a row can do that to a person!).

This was our third Christmas that we have spent in Hawaii.  We've been lucky enough to go there every other year for the past 6 years. We love getting away for the holidays.  Aside from actually being on vacation, it really does make the whole season more relaxed. I hardly decorated the house this year (as evidenced by our lack of tree) and aside from making the little reindeer noses, I only bought 3 Christmas presents total.  Our deal when we go away is that we don't buy any gifts for each other.  Nothing. Not even stockings. It's fantastic! We did make Fin a play kitchen, but gave it to her 3 weeks before Christmas, so it didn't even feel like a Christmas present (full posts on that to come soon...).  

I'm still recovering from a bit of sleep deprivation due to an overnight flight home (ugh, never a fun experience) and we are still working on getting Fin back on schedule.  We also all have the shivers and shakes since I think we pretty much went from +30 C to -30 C overnight (that's about 85 F to -20 F for those who deal in Farenheit).  I know, it's a real first world problem....but it is cold, cold, cold here!  Good news is that it's supposed to warm up soon.

Our living room currently looks like this, and I haven't gathered the strength yet to tackle it (sitting at the computer seemed easier...).  And see that giant white box? Ya, that's a new car seat.  Our car seat was wrecked during gate check (I have no idea how that can even happen).  Ours is still usable, but it's unknown what may have happened to the frame.  The airline gave us a new one, but the problem is that it's not even comparable to our current car seat, so I am still fighting with them to replace it with our current model.  The airline and I have another phone date early next week to try and figure things out - they just don't know it yet. (Any baggage folks out there who know the system?????)

Once I sort through my thousand photos (really, 1000....) from our adventure I'll be back to over share.  In the mean time do you have any good Chrismtas stories for me?  What did I miss? Any good embarassing Christmas tales?  Did you score any great Boxing Day deals? (Old Navy online and I had a big date the day after Christmas.....I shopped for winter coats while sitting on the beach!).  Anyone else travel for the holidays?  Going to a swanky party for New Years Eve?

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!
*please don't ask me to actually say it...becuase I have NO idea how!


  1. Welcome back and Happy New Year!

  2. Thats so cool that you got to spend the holidays in Hawaii! I may have told you but I grew up in Hawaii. =] Oh the warm life! It sounds like you had a great time and that totally stinks about your car seat!! They should definitely replace it with the exact seat they messed up, if not a better model! My Christmas was super! We were definitely blessed. =] Just going to the in-laws for New Years Eve and New Years dinner. It should be fun!

    1. What made you move away from Hawaii? I just love it there...too bad all of the immigration laws make it too hard for us to move there! Glad you had a nice Christmas...dont get too crazy with the in-laws tonight ;)

  3. now thats the way to spend the holiday! now, the unpacking and cleaning part....not so much : )
    happy new year!!!


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