14 Dec 2012

Pick Up Your House and Take it With You!

Sometimes I find that I can get caught up in DIYing things.  I see stuff in thrift stores and think about how I can make it better, how I can renew it somehow, or what parts of it I can actually use.  It's a sort of an addiction....I get excited about seeing the potential.  But....other times, it's ok to just leave things alone and revel in the deal.

Thrift stores are totally hit and miss with me.  Often I get so frustrated that they are pricing an ugly brass figurine at $10 (when it would be less than $1 at a garage sale), but then every once and a while I score a really great deal.  Last week was one of those really good deal days.  I actually went in to look for some hard cover books and walked out with this.

The house, not the chair.  This little fabric house was just sitting there asking me to take it home and give it a nice new home in the arms of a little girl.  It is totally handmade by someone who clearly has way more patience then I do.  It is vintage at its finest.

When I opened it up in the store I actually laughed out loud! The fabric is hilarious.  The furniture is made of polyester that reminds me of pants from the 70s that were sure to have elastic waist bands.  

The little chair sitting beside the window with its lace topper makes me smile.  It's retro floral overload at its best.  But seriously, what saint of a woman had patience to make that little chair (at least I assume it was a woman....maybe a man just cut up his wife's floral 70s polyester pants and went to town).

It even came with a little doll.... muumuu and all.

It is one of the ugliest dolls that I have ever seen.  It has strange little points for ears and the tips of all her fingers are cut off.  Very, very odd, but Fin doesn't care.  I was tempted to evict her from her little house, but she fit so well into the furniture that I just couldn't.  When you find a couch that fits like a glove you just have to stay put.

After I brought it home and washed it as best I could (and thoroughly checked for bed bugs, because things like that freak me out!), I put it up on the counter and waited for Fin to notice.  Well, it took about 2.6 seconds for her to spy it and run full tilt towards it. Since then it's been her new bestie. 

She plays and plays with it.  Mostly she puts the 'baby' to bed, covers her up with a blanket and then I have to make snoring noises.  Sometimes I can convince her to put the baby on the couch, but not often.  Funny how the kid who never wants to sleep just LOVES making everyone and everything else sleep!

The other day it had to eat breakfast with her.  We settled on it sitting beside her while she watched her Mickey Mouse and I cooked her oatmeal.

But my absolute favorite thing about this house, and what totally makes my heart melt, is how she just picks it up and carries it with her.  And unlike all of her other toys that she simply drags behind her, this one she picks up and carries like a purse.  

It cracks me up daily.  She'll wander around the whole house carrying that sucker like a purse.  I guess she must see me carry my gigantic purse around enough that she figured she needed a really big one too.

All it took was a little fabric house to remind me that sometimes things are good as they are - they don't need embellishing or jazzing.  Just take what you find and give it a good home, and then love the heck out of it.  If it only cost $3.49 like this house did, then all the better!


  1. That is so cool! And that last picture is adorable!

  2. Fin is so darling with her house - what a great find!

    The inside fabric reminds me of the wallpaper in my bedroom in the house where I grew up - it was 70s all the way!

    1. Thanks Erica! Isnt that fabric hilarious? It still makes me laugh every time we play with it.

  3. Cleaning my inbox out and found that I had saved this to comment on later. This is awfully cute, Fin is even cuter!! The doll is a Kewpie doll.

    1. Whaaaat? That crazy doll is actually something quite special? Who would have known. I am sure ours is a knock off, but still....
      Thank you so much! She still loves playing with it more than a month later....so its a total thrift store win!


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