11 Dec 2012

{Reindeer Noses} DIY Christmas Favour

Really, it doesn't get much easier than this!  If you still need to whip up some little Christmas favours before Christmas I've got you covered.

This year I felt like I had a few groups of people who I wanted to give a little something to, but I also didn't want to break the bank.  I like to give something each year to the ladies at Diefenbaker's doggie daycare, the lovely women at the daycare at our gym, and our co-workers.  It's tough to find something that doesn't take a week to make, and costs less than $1 each.  This year though, I think I totally found it - and it's super cute to boot!

I spied the original idea for reindeer noses on Bloom Designs Online.  She had used plastic tubes and coloured gum balls.  I thought they were really cute, but I knew right away that I wasn't up for the task of sourcing the plastic tubes (it is 2 weeks before Christmas after all!).  So I took the idea and Kelly-fied it. 

My original idea was to use M&Ms, but after searching high and low for M&Ms sold by colour I finally gave up.  (I was tempted to declare a trip to Vegas just so I could go to the M&M store, but that seemed a little extravagant.)  Our local grocery store sells Jelly Belly candy by the colour, and luckily they had brown and red.  Root beer and Cherry, in case you are a Jelly Belly connoisseur.

I picked up a package of little white candy bags from Michaels, which ended up being just over $3 for 25, using my 40% off coupon.  I had some kraft paper labels left over from Diefenbaker's birthday (they are Martha Stewart for Avery, which I bought at Staples) and figured I could flip them vertical and they'd fit perfect on the little bags.   I downloaded the label template into Word and then added the reindeer graphic (from here) to the top of the label and the vintage santa graphic (from The Graphics Fairy) on the bottom, flipped since the label folds over the bottom.   It was really simple - it took me less than half an hour to find the graphics, print it all and stick the labels on the bags.

Once I had all the bags labelled, I then filled each one with 8 brown Jelly Bellys and 1 red Jelly Belly.

Then I just folded the bag over and closed it with a little piece of green washi tape.  Done! Less than an hour total and under $10 for all 25 (I did have the labels and washi tape already, so it might cost you a bit more if you don't have those things).

If you are thinking of crafting some reindeer noses of your own and would like the ready to print Word document for the labels just send me an email or comment below and I'd be happy to send it your way. aswellplacetodwell [at] gmail [dot] com  If you leave me your email address below please type it out so that the spammers don't get a hold of it.

Ok, so who can name all of the reindeer without Googling?  Not me! I'll admit, I had to actually Google how many reindeer there were....I couldn't remember if it were 8 with Rudolph or 8 plus Rudolph.  Clearly I need to brush up on my Christmas facts before Fin starts asking me all sorts of questions! Just for the record though, I can sing a mean rendition of Jingle Bells (but only in the car and only to my kid).

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  1. Awesome! Such a great idea to use Jelly Bellys. That turned out super cute.

  2. love this so much, please send me the word doc - I'm so doing this for my neighbours :) You are the BEST!!!

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Adorable- my 4 yo dd and 19 month old ds will love this for friends! Pls send word doc to jenniferbanando@gmail.com. Thanks much! Happy gliders to you and Fin :)

  5. Those little reindeers are adorable! I'm planning on using these as stocking stuffers for everyone in my extended families. I might just buy lots of M&Ms to pick out enough brown & red ones...and then eat the rest :D
    Please send me the word document - I'd love it!

    1. Amy - I debated picking out all of the brown and red m&ms too! Go for it! I'd be happy to email you the doc, but your blogger account doesn't link to an email. Could you please email me or leave me a comment with your email?


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