23 Jan 2013

How Many Items Can You Paint With One Can of Advance?

I've mentioned here before that I love, love, love Benjamin Moore Advance.  It is 100%, my go-to paint  for almost everything except walls, when I am not distressing.  I love how it self-levels.  Even if it looks splotchy while painting, it evens out so nicely within just a few hours.  After curing for a week or so it's also rock hard and can stand some serious wear and tear without using a finishing product such as poly or wax.  

But, Advance is expensive.  Over $50 for a gallon expensive.  I can see how for many people, it would be a hard sell.  You can pick up a gallon of paint at some big box stores for around $20, so spending double that can be an investment   

Well, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane to show you how far one can of Advance can stretch.  We bought a gallon of White Dove back in the spring when we finally decided on what colour to paint our cabinets.  It's now January and I still have about 1/5th of the can left - not enough to do a dresser, but enough to paint a couple of picture frames or a shelf.  

As you can see...it's been well used....

We started off the can by painting our kitchen cabinets.

Then we jazzed up our kitchen island with some beadboard and a fresh coat of paint.

Next up was building our new kitchen table.  The legs were painted in White Dove.

**On a side note....looking back on these pictures I am so happy that we decided to paint over the half wall.  That was a big uh-oh moment.

Then I got a little artsy with Inkodye and framed my new art in a custom built frame painted white. 

Moving on to the guest room, I refinished an ugly dresser.  A couple coats of White Dove and a new stencil, and the formerly ugly dresser had a new lease on life.

Lastly, we transformed a hunk o'vaneer desk into a brand new play kitchen for Fin.  White Dove to the rescue again!  

That's 6 projects (one of which was almost a whole kitchen) using only 1 can of paint!  When I bought that gallon back in the spring, I figured that I'd be back at the paint store in a week to buy another gallon just to finish the kitchen.  I had absolutely no idea that I would be painting with White Dove for months and months to come.  I guess me and White Dove are pretty much BFFs at this point.  Good thing I really like the colour.  Now the question is what colour do I buy for my next gallon?


  1. Wow! Who would have thought one gallon could go so far! Kind of makes the price worth it, yes? Thanks for sharing all your projects using White Dove. Really puts into perspective how far it goes. Especially in that fun kitchen!

    1. It totally makes the price worth it! Quality product always wins out over price for me.
      Thanks for the comment.

  2. I love paint that just goes on and on! I have yet to buy Advance paint but have been wanting to! Just stumbled across your blog and am happy to find another Canadian one!

  3. What do you like to apply Advance with? I tried those mini white foam rollers, and it wasnt great. I also tried using a brush, but it didnt seem to level that great. Maybe its just me. I prefer Cabinet Coat to Advance, its also a lot cheaper at our local indie paint store.

    1. I usually use a white foam roller. I find that using thin coats helps. Paint really is a lot about personal preference, so if you find one that works just go for it. Thanks for the comment. Have a nice weekend.


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