15 Jan 2013

Peaches & Fred

During our Christmas visit to Maui, I did manage to find one souvenier to bring home.  

This vintage tray!

Very Hawaiian, right?  I know, it's totally not Hawaiian at all, but that's actually what I love about it.  It looks like something I could have bought here at home, but I didn't, which makes it have special meaning for me.

I spotted Peaches and Fred at a pawn shop of all places.  My Mom and I went on a hunt one day for a ceramic pineapple, and after looking at a few furniture stores we finally gave up.  My Mom knew of this little pawn shop, so she suggested we go in and check it out on the off chance some local person was ridding themselves of ceramic pineapples.

No luck, but I saw Peaches and Fred and fell in love.  Hard.

There was something about it that I couldn't pass up.  The fact that Peaches and Fred had their mugs printed on a tray cracks me up.  Nobody made me a custom tray for our wedding :)

So here's the question? Do you think Peaches and Fred are still together 50 years later? 

I'll think about them on November 7, 2013 and wish them a happy anniversary.

The tray was $15.  I tried to drive a hard bargain but the guy wasn't budging.  He told me the silver corners made the tray really valuable.  

 I have no idea if that is true or not, but I fell for it anyway....and the silver does add a nice touch.

Peaches and Fred are currently residing in our living room.

We drove back past the store a few days after I bought the tray and I snapped a few pictures of the outside, just to show you what a hilarious store it was, and so if you happen to be in Maui you can check it out too!

It's in Lahaina.  Just look for the giant Captain Hook and piles of surf boards.

Have you ever gone thrifting on vacation?  Do you know anyone named Peaches and Fred who might be missing their tray?


  1. Kelly, that tray is pure cuteness! Wouldnt be great to find out more about this couple?

  2. I love that tray! What a cool find.

  3. What a cool find- makes you wonder about Peaches and Fred doesnt it!

    1. I seriously think about them every time I set my mug on that tray! Thanks for stopping by.


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