14 Feb 2013

Don't Take Off Your Shoes

I have to share this funny story.  

Kijiji (much like Craig's List), is an interesting beast sometimes.  I say it's like a strange parallel universe that has its own rules and some very eclectic inhabitants.  Since picking up furniture here and there over the years, we have met all types of people.  Some have been so fantastic and have shared stories and their house with us, as was the case with the giant doll house Fin spotted when we went to pick up the shabby happy desk.  Others are downright rude and don't show up when they say they will, call at strange times, show up on wrong days, etc, etc.  And then there are others who are just so different from us that sometimes I don't know what to think.

I had been searching for a dresser for Fin's room ever since I pulled out her old dresser, painted it emerald green and then sold it.  We moved the milk paint dressing table (which still hasn't sold) up to her room and it worked well for a while.  The drawers were small though, and every time we did her laundry there wasn't room for all of her clothes (the girl has a lot of clothes) in the small drawers.  So, it was time to find a new solution.  I wanted something smaller than the old one, but bigger than the dressing table, that was under $50.  Then one day I saw it on Kijiji.  It was perfect.  It was $50 and it was only a few block away.  (Sorry, I wish I had a copy of the ad to show you, but I forgot to save it, and now it's gone.)

I texted back and forth with the lady for a while and we settled on a pick up time.  Mr. Swell is the designated furniture picker-upper in our house, so we put Fin to bed one night and he headed out to pick up our new dresser.  I should note that I don't make things easy on the poor guy.  The asking price was $50, but I figured we'd be able to get it for $40.  I made him put 2 twenty dollar bills in one pocket and a fifty dollar bill in the other.  Not much good to show off your $50 when you say you only have $40, so it's very important to keep the money in separate pockets.  The trick though is then remembering which pocket is which.

So, he goes on his way, and less than 20 minutes later he is back with our new dresser.  And it's lovely, and I am totally excited. I snapped this horrible iPhone pic and tossed up onto Facebook to share my joy.  (I'll be sure to take some better 'before' photos before I paint it).

And then I get the whole story. ....

He pulled up to the house and he said as he was walking up it looked like there was a lot of clutter in the house.  He said that he could see driftwood everywhere and stuff hanging from the ceiling.  He was preparing for the worst....to have to dig through a bunch of stuff to actually get to the dresser. 

He rings the doorbell, the lady answers, and he walks in.  But....he can't go very far because there is netting all around the door.  He said it took him a while to figure out what was going on, but then he saw the signs up that said FREE FLYING BIRDS.

And then he noticed them....everywhere.  Birds were just flying around the house, and they needed netting around the door to stop them from flying away.  He said they were peeking out from around the corners. Apparently when he walked in and said Hello all the birds said Hello back to him. "Caw, Hello" 

He asked the lady what kind of birds she had and she said it would be easier to tell him what she didn't have.  Apparently she then went on listing all of the birds.  The only one that Mr. Swell picked up was the Macaw, of which there were a few. His exact words to me where, "Kelly, these weren't Tweety Birds, these were like Tucan Sam".

He stepped in a bit more to help with the dresser, and the kids (who were just sitting there doing their homework very nonchalantly), told him to not take off his shoes.  Then apparently a chorus of bird talk ensued.  "caw, don't take off your shoes", repeated over and over by free flying birds.  This is the point at which I lost it, and my abs were hurting from laughing so hard.  I have mentioned before that Mr. Swell can rock accents.  He can just turn on an accent and out of the blue I am talking to a completely different person.  Through telling me this story I learned that he can do a pretty good bird accent too - a new skill that I didn't know he had.

I probably would have given up on the dresser, but thankfully he hung in there.  He even kept his cool enough to negotiate and remember which pocket the $40 was in!

Amazingly enough the dresser doesn't have a single spot of bird poop on it.  And the lady was so nice, so who really cares that she has a bazillion birds?  And she let us buy a really great dresser for only $40.

Mr. Swell later said that the birds were probably texting me because they wanted to get rid of the dresser to buy a new seed stick.  He kills me sometimes.

I hope one day when Fin grows up and still has her dresser that she can hear the story of the free flying birds.  And yes, this little dresser is going to be hit with a paint brush. I am leaning towards teal, but am letting it stew for a few days. 

Do you have any interesting Kijij/Craig's List buying or selling experiences?  How about birds?  Does anyone have free flying birds?


  1. OMG - what a story, but man how I wish I could hear the audio of Mr. Swell telling it!

    That is a great find for the price. I am always swooning over tables and dressers, theyre sort of a weakness of mine.

    Im a sucker for a nicely turned table leg or a dresser with a pretty mirror.

    Do you know if youll keep the original hardware or glam it up in the process?

    I saw something on pinterest or somewhere a while back where someone took old drawer pulls and colored them with a turquoise or teal sharpie [although I suppose it might work well with other bright jewel colors too] and colored it, and then baked it in the oven and it came out looking lacquered and gorgeous!

    Although maybe they were porcelain pulls instead of metal hardware - but I dont know if that makes a difference either.

    When you mentioned the teal color - it just brought that to mind.

    1. I tried so hard to convince him to let me post audio, but he wasnt quite ready :) Ill keep working on him tough, because he is so, so good at it! I know EXACTLY the knobs you are thinking of, I think they were from Infarrently Creative. That is a great idea....I havent quite decided on hardware yet. I was sort of leaning towards crystal - but it will depend on what colour I go with in the end.
      Thanks for the comment - have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Kelly! I would like to pass along to you the Leibster Award which honors new bloggers. You can get the details at The Refeathered Roost. Congrats and keep up the great work!

  3. Oh my gosh - that IS a funny story!

  4. The best Kijiji story EVER! Thanks for the laugh. :)

  5. Thats a hilarious story! And I do the exact same thing about the two pockets with different amounts of money in them!


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