24 Feb 2013

{How You Doin'?} Painted Kitchen Cabinets

We painted our kitchen cabinets over 6 months ago, so I thought it was about time for an update on how they are doing.  

Benjamin Moore Advance White Dove

I am happy to say that the paint on the cabinets has actually held up much better than I expected.  When we decided to paint them, I had a feeling that I would need to get the paint brush out every few months and touch up a few nicks here and there.  So far though, I haven't touched them up once.  After the Advance paint cures it really is rock hard, and it takes a lot to pull it off.  

The front of all of the cabinets are still in perfect condition.  

Some paint has peeled off on the edges where the cabinet rubs against the base.  Because it's on the edge, you only see it when the door is open.  So far it hasn't been enough to convince me to haul out the paint.

Update: Painted Kitchen Cabinets 6 months later

Fin's really into colouring these days, and sometimes the colouring gets so intense that it migrates onto the walls.  

Wiping Crayon off cabinets

I scrub the crayon off with a Magic Eraser and it comes right off.  Some cabinets have been scrubbed multiple times and there hasn't been any paint pulling off.  I find that the Magic Eraser pulls paint off the walls, so I am really impressed that it hasn't started coming off the cabinets with the scrubbing.

The spray painted handles haven't faired quite so well.

spray painted cabinet handles 6 months later

The majority of the handles still look great, but the ones on the cabinets we use all the time (cutlery drawer, under the sink where the garbage is) are starting to peel a bit.

Considering that the hardware makeover cost us $7 (the cost of spray paint), I am really not too upset.  In the summer I will probably take them all off and give them another coat of spray paint.  I have enough paint left in the can that I most likely won't even have to make a trip to the store.  

I am so happy that we made the plunge and painted the cabinets.  It makes such a difference in our kitchen and makes it feel so much brighter.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  I also can't recommend Benjamin Moore Advance paint enough.  I just love it.   If you missed our kitchen makeover, you can catch up on all the posts here.

painted kitchen island: BM Advance

Since this series is inspired by the show Friends, I like to end each post with a Friends clip.  The clip below is the one with Ross and leather pants.  I can actually remember watching this episode and laughing so hard.  "It's forming a paste!!!"  

Fin is really into cooking these days, and she wants to be up at the counter with me whenever I am doing anything.  The other day I was making pancakes and she really wanted to help.  I brought a chair over to the counter and gave her the bowl with the flour and she was in charge of whisking.  It didn't take me long to realize that this was going to be a big mess.  She was having fun, but flour was flying EVERYWHERE.  I couldn't handle it any longer, so I decided to move her over to the sink and let her 'wash' dishes, which she also loves to do.  Well, before long there was water splashing all over the chair and the floor and it was mixing with the previously tossed flour.  While I was cleaning it up, and it was forming a paste, all I could think of was Ross and his leather pants.  That is how my brain works people....it's very strange sometimes. 

So if you haven't seen this clip before...enjoy.


  1. thanks for this! :) i am going to be painting my cabinets at some point (whenever we do the kitchen so it may still be a while) but i am deciding how i want to paint them still. i know color, but i am not sure of brand, etc.

  2. Glad to see your painted cabinets are doing so well - you have a lovely kitchen!

  3. I want to paint our kitchen cabinets (and kitchen) really bad. I just cant work up the nerve to do it. I think I counted 23 cabinet and doors in our kitchen. SIGH, its just too much....but I will do it one day! Yours came out great though. Have you ever tried spray poly on spray painted hardware. I have wanted to do it before but I dont want to wait that long to see if it holds up.

  4. Hi! I recently stumbled upon your blog while researching white paint colors for my kitchen cabinets. Your cabinets look great! I cant thank you enough for the "How You Doin?" posts, I love em! Im scared of large projects & there are a million DIY blogs about doing projects & the immediate results but a girl is hard pressed to find the "How Its Holding Up" blog posts. Thanks so much!


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