7 Feb 2013

When You Bring Your Kid to The Thrift Store.....

Here's how this story goes:

We head out last weekend to the thrift shop.  It was a new thrift shop that we hadn't been to before, and it specializes in furniture.  I've been searching for a new dresser for Fin's room, so finding out that there is a thrift shop with oodles of furniture in our city was very exciting.  So, on a snowy Saturday afternoon we load up Fin, my Mom, Mr. Swell and me into the truck to go find a dresser.

We arrive at the the Thrift Shop and right away we split up.  My Mom took Fin to go wander around while Mr. Swell and I went on a dresser hunt.  There were a ton of dressers, but they were all too expensive for my wallet, so we called it a bust and went to find the kiddo and her Grandma.  

I find them in the art section and Fin is staring at some embroidered owls.  My Mom proceeds to tell us that she spotted them right away and has been "hoo hooing" at them since she pulled the frame out of the stack.  She was a girl in love. 

So seriously, what are you to do when your kid falls in love with an ugly 'eclectic' piece of owl art?  

Well, you dig out the 5 spot from your pocket and buy the darn thing.  

Owl Art

Fin had it with her all the way home in the back of the truck and was just smitten with it.  That girl is obsessed with her owls.  

This thing was something.  I really didn't know what the heck I was going to do with it.  Notice how they are all wearing red hats?  I figure it must be some sort of symbol for the Red Hat Society.  (By the way...I just went to the Red Hat Society website....they have a whole store of some very random stuff including purple feather boas.  And apparently they also have something to do with Cindy Lauper....strange...).  Any Red Hatters out there who can shed some light on this?

Anyhow, the next day I started on project de-uglify.  

I couldn't stand to look at it with its red mat and black frame, so I ripped the whole thing apart as soon as I could.  My Mom had some extra embroidery hoops that she let me have, so I picked a smaller one and just popped the fabric into it (removing the giant red hat at the bottom).  Once I had it in the hoop I trimmed it all up, added a bit of jute twine and then a satin white bow (in an attempt to tie in the lovely satin owl fabric).

Owl Art in Embroidery Hoop

I hung it up above Fin's change table so that she could talk to it while she gets her diaper changed and gets dressed.  It wouldn't be my first choice of art, but at least it sort of goes with the theme we have going on in her room.

Owl Art in Embroidery Hoop

She walked in the room and noticed it right away.  She clapped ecstatically (that super cute toddler clap) and had a huge smile.  She's a girl in love with some red hatted owls.  Every time she is on her change table now she chats away to them, counts them, and plays with the bow.  

Owl Art in Embroidery Hoop.  Woodland Themed Nursery

I do love how kids have no judgement.  They just love what they love and don't care what anyone else thinks.  Her being so happy makes me happy. 

Those giant red hats are sort of starting to grown on me.  

Owl Art in Embroidery Hoop

I actually can't wait for the day that I get to put some toddler made crepe paper flowers in a vase.  I remember my Mom having some that I made out on her dresser for years (much past the 'required' display time).  Do you have anything in your house that your kid picked out and you made work? 


  1. that is too cute and funny! youre baby knows what she likes.

  2. Give Fin a hug for me, she and I have the same eclectic taste, I would have bought those owls HOO!!

    1. What would you have done with them if you had bought them? Any brilliant ideas? I wish I could have come up with something a bit more creative, but the hoop works for now. Thanks for the comment :)

  3. That is super cute . The owls look so perfect in your nursery! I love the needlepoint piece hanging on the ribbon!


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