19 Mar 2013

{13 Things}

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1. Is anyone else watching House of Cards on Netflix?  (It's a Netflix original series.) We loved it! My, my, Kevin Spacey can play a good bad guy!

2. Have you heard of the site called Free Vintage Posters
?  There are so many posters that you can choose from, and they allow you to download the high-res file.  Bring it to a copy store and have it printed and you have some seriously inexpensive art.  These hippos are my favourite.  I need to find a room for them.

3. When we were in Maui over Christmas we visited a restaurant called Leoda's Kitchen & Pie Shop

Leoda's in Maui

The pies were delicious (you must try the coconut creme if you ever go), but I totally fell in love with the interior.

The one side of the restaurant had wood planked walls that were each washed with a different colour.  It was so colourful, but calming at the same time.  Mixed with the white walls and natural wood tables and chairs it really looked great.   I so desperately wanted to get a picture without people, but it was so busy that it just wasn't happening. 

Leoda's Interior - colourful planked wall

On the other side of the restaurant was a big divided mirror.   It was acid etched, and had just the right amount of etching to look authentic. 

Leoda's - etched mirror

4. Just in case you live in an area that doesn't get a lot of snow, I thought I'd show you the snow pile that is about half a block away from our house.

Dief & the snow pile

There are 2 piles - this is only one of them.  The pile is all of the snow that is collected for our city  when the streets are ploughed.  Dump trucks gather up all of the snow and bring it to this area where bull dozers move it up the snow mountain.  If you look hard you can see one bull dozer going up the mountain in the picture above.  They've used this same spot for a couple of years.  We always have bets on how long it will take to disappear - I think last year it was July.

5. While we are on the subject of snow - I am SICK of it! I am so ready for spring.  I think we received more than 6 inches of snow over the weekend.  I am working on a photo project for our kitchen and was editing some photos from our trip to Greece and Turkey a few years ago.  I thought I'd share this one in case you are  as desperate for warm weather as I am.   Just imagine sitting on a beach on Mykonos....


6. There has been a lot of this going on lately in our house.  Our child has a steel stomach....they go so fast it almost makes me want to throw up, so I have no idea how she stands it.

(if you are reading on a reader or in email and can't see the animation above please click through) 

7. Has anyone else used the Rad Lab plugin for Photoshop?  I downloaded the trial for Lightroom and have been playing around a bit with it.  The presets are nice, but I don't love the integration with Lightroom (i.e. opening up a separate program and then changing my RAW files into JPG).  Just curious if anyone else uses is and has a different opinion.

8. Sometimes after I have been home with Fin for the day I am so sick of hearing myself talk that I want to become a mime.  I feel like I explain everything to her (usually in detail), we sing, we laugh, I talk on the phone for work, I talk to the dog.  Lately I've been trying to tell Mr. Swell all about this, but he just doesn't get it.  He's much quieter than I am.  I think it must be a Mom thing.  Instead of just telling Fin it's a chair, I usually explain that it's a chair, and it's for sitting, and please don't tip the chair over, if you put your glass of water on the chair it will spill, standing on the chair on one foot is not a good idea, etc, etc, etc.  Know what I mean?  Do any other Moms feel this way?

9. I am slightly obsessed with this hanging planter from Jo Lucksted on Etsy.  I really do want one of my own (or maybe 3 or 4...).

Pink Laces

10. I think pink laces actually make me run faster (at least that is what I keep telling myself)

11. While we are on the topic of running....I am finally back up to 5km.  I haven't done much running since before Fin was born, but this is the year - the year I finally stick with it.  When I am on the treadmill (because clearly from the photo above, running outside is not yet an option...), I have to listen to music to keep going.  In case you happen to be in the same boat (or treadmill), and are looking for some new inspiration, here's my current running song list.  (warning - Mr. Swell says I have eclectic taste in music....but maybe some of you do to!).

- Miracle Mile // Cold War Kids
- Mama's Broken Heart // Miranda Lambert
- Scream & Shout // Will.i.am & Brittany Spears
- Downtown // Lady Antebellum
- Inner Ninja // Classified
- Porn Star Dancing // My Darkest Days
- Stutter // Marianas Trench
- Uprising // Muse
- The Dog Is Mine // K-os
- Stuck Like Glue // Sugarland
- I Knew You were Trouble // Taylor Swift
- Black & Gold // Sam Sparrow

12. The little lacy flower pot from Ikea that we have in our bedroom is really cute, but is so not practical.  Apparently you are supposed to put another pot inside of it with a big enough plant to still come out the top.  I didn't thoroughly think through the logistics prior to planting my teeny little succulent.  Every time I water it (which thankfully isn't much for a succulent), the water and the dirt come out the holes.  Not to smart.  Just a warning for anyone else who also doesn't think through the logistics and buys this pot.....

Ikea Lace Plant Pot

13.  The bathroom in the basement is going to be the next room we are working on.  The basics are already done, but it is in serious need of some decor (other than just a sink and toilet).

That's all the random stuff in my brain for now.  I am busy organizing this week and catching up on the areas that I missed last week.  I'll be back on Friday with the final week of Conquer the Clutter.  Have a great Tuesday!


  1. Fin is so cute. I talk to Benjamin so much too and know exactly what you mean. And yay for pink laces!


  2. Would misting the succulent work instead of watering it?

    1. That's a really good idea! I'll have to try that. Right now I just dribble the water in, but it still makes a mess and I have to leave the pot in the sink for a while each time to drain out.

  3. I have so many thoughts on this that I don't even know how to organize my comments. This post was so happy-thought making!! In no particular order: (1) I also believe pink laces will make you run faster (2) I've been dying to watch House of Cards and am delighted to hear it's good (3) I love the spinning laundry basket- it's the simple things that make kid's days (4) the vintage posters you can print yourself?? Oh, what a find!! Thanks for sprucing up my mid-morning coffee break!

    1. Thanks Stacey! You totally need to watch House of Cards - we LOVED it. It takes the first episode a while to get going, but then we were hooked. Mind you - I am a bit of a political nerd, so maybe that's why I liked it so much.
      Thanks for your lovely comment!

    2. Can you also quote almost every episode of the West Wing? Because if so... we were destined to be friends! I'm a political nerd, too. I'll definitely have to check out House of Cards.

  4. So happy that you posted the free vintage posters site; there are several that I have coveted for a long time.

  5. I am totally with you on House of Cards. Can't wait for the new season.

    1. Do you know if there is for sure going to be one? If so, I can't wait either! We loved it.


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