15 Mar 2013

Conquer The Clutter: Week 3

You guys, I have not done well with conquering the clutter this week. Sometimes life takes over, doesn't it?  Last week life engulfed us, and we have been trying to dig our way out since.  

It's a long story, and I promise to share it all with you when I can and when I am no longer sad/mad/frustrated/ready to scream at the top of my lungs.  Long story short though is that we have a rental house in a town about 3 hours away.  On Friday we received a call that there was major water damage.  We've been to the house a couple times now and it is a very sad situation.  The inside is basically all ruined.  We have been working with insurance and the restoration company, but much is still up in the air.  So, we are taking it one day at a time (and doing a lot of deep breathing!).  With all of the other 'life' stuff going on, and while still trying to work at my day job, take care of Fin and shove some food in our mouths, I have not had much time for de-cluttering.  Actually, all I have felt like doing at the end of the day is curling up on the couch and watching TV....which is what we did for the past couple nights....catching up on Season 5 of Sons of Anarchy.  (By the way, has anyone else watched it?  What did you think of the season finale?).

In a pathetic attempt to try and tie Sons of Anarchy to de-cluttering I came up with this....

Jax Teller Hey Girl
Original photo source

If only Jax...if only....

BUT...good news is that before we received the bad news last week, I did manage to clear away a few cluttered spaces in our house.  

My little helper and I sorted through the freezer one day.  I seriously think we have a bread hoarding problem.  We must have thrown out 12 bread bags that only had the ends left in them.  I am sure at the time I told myself I'd make breadcrumbs....but obviously that never happened.

Mr. Swell was kind enough to clean out the junk area in the kitchen for me one day when I'd had enough.  I do love the open shelving in the kitchen, but I have to admit that it's really easy to just toss stuff on the shelves and forget about it. It's not on the counter, so it's not in the way, which equals the stuff piling up over time. Thankfully my hubby noticed that the clutter was going to send me over the deep end one night and he got cleaning (love him....and Jax didn't even have to make an appearance at our house...).

Sorry...no pictures of my spaces.  I haven't been home much during the day to get any decent lighting. 

How did you do?  I hope you all had a much more successful week than I did.  Please don't let me get in the way of your momentum.  I am back on the bandwagon this week!

Conquer the Clutter. Let's do it together // www.aswellplacetodwell.com

So here we go...here's the list for week 3. 

1. One closet.  You tackled one closet in week 1, well now it's time for another (I can hear your excitement through the screen....).  I am going to take on my dreaded walk in closet in our bedroom   If I don't post next week it's probably because I have been swallowed alive. 
2. The fridge.  Last week was the freezer, but now it's time for its big brother.  Moldy stuff must go!  
3. Laundry area.  Tidy it up and find a place to hang all of those clothes that are drying.  Origami fold your dryer sheets.  (seriously...I dare you!).
4. The car.  I have a habit of just leaving stuff in the car and forgetting about it.  After all, if it's under the seat and you can't see it, then it doesn't exist right?  It's time to dig it out, Febreeze the heck out if it and shine up the dashboard.
5. The desk.  You've already dealt with your important papers in week 1, but now it's time to actually deal with the desk.  If you don't have a desk, then you can find all of your random office stuff that's hanging around the house and make a nice little place to corral it all.

I'll post the list on Facebook for quick reference.

Theme song?  How about Scream and Shout - the new one from will.i.am and Brit Brit.  (don't judge....I was a teenager in the 90's).  It's a total club song...but this last week all I have felt like doing is screaming and shouting, so if I have a song that tells me it's ok then it makes me feel better.  Plus, club songs have good beats that can help you move along while you are busy tossing (and can make me feel like I am back in university....drinking on a Sunday night...that sure doesn't happen any more...).  Warning, there are a few bad words in the song. You can buy it here (Canada) or here (US).

Looks like I am going to have a busy week with those 5 areas plus the ones I didn't do from week 2!

If you are new here and still want to join in the challenge it's not too late.  Check out Week 1 and Week 2.

P.S.  With the announcement that Google Reader is being retired in a few months, I've been exploring other options (both for myself since Google Reader was my go-to, and for those of you who read blogs in a reader).  So far my picks are Feedly and Bloglovin'.  Any other favourites out there?

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  1. I am going to play catch-up! Wish me luck!

    1. I wish you all the luck! Hopefully it won't take too long to catch up :)

  2. I'll have to play catch-up too. Already ahead on the car thing though, unfortunately. This morning a tow truck had to take my dead car away to see if it will live to see another day...month...year ? (hopefully). I cleaned out some stuff and important papers I didn't want going along for the ride.
    I have to say the closets scare me the most but I will overcome!

    1. Ah, that sucks about your car! But hey, on the bright side you get to cross one thing off the list :)
      Hope your weekend gets better.

  3. Oh I really need to get going on my March goals for organizing. I tackled my car in January and lucky to say that it is still tidy. Yay!! I need to get on B's closet this month. What have I done so far you ask? I have taken the "before" picture ha ha... Yeah, I better get going on that...

    1. Well hey, a before picture is one step! hahaha. Good luck with it!

  4. Awww...I am so sorry about your rental. We have a rental here in town and have had a big blow from it this past year as well. It was awful...like having to dig out pipes from inside the place + under the street in front of it awful. Yep...it was less than stellar and zapped our energy when it was going on. The best thing I can offer to you from this side of things is it will only be put together better than what it was. And this may give you the opportunity to put some upgrades into that you might have been thinking about. Plus, think about all the blog posts that can come from the rebuilding process! ;) But, for sure it totally stinks right now and I am sending good thoughts your way! ;) Jesse @ Scout & Nimble

    1. Thanks Jesse. It's definitely a hard pill to swallow! Your situation sounded like it was tough too - but I totally agree with you....it will all be ok in the end...but right now it totally stinks! We've been working with insurance all week as quite a bit of our coverage was in questions. I think we finally have it sorted out, so now at least we can start moving forward. Not at all what i had in my plans for last week :(
      Thanks for the lovely comment.

  5. I really enjoyed season 5, the ending....not sure what to think. I've just started watching Breaking Bad, interesting. Bundle up, and get ready to chovel more snow tomorrow.

    1. I liked Season 5 too, but there for sure a few times that I was yelling at the screen...Jax started to drive me a little nuts. We love Breaking Bad - it's very much like Sons....one episode you love Walt and the next episode you hate him so much you want to stop watching the show...but you don't!

  6. I have that same bread challenge. I can never find a slice or two of good bread...it is always nasty looking ends!

    1. Donna - so glad I am not the only one! Why do we save those ends? We know we will never eat them!


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