12 Mar 2013

{How You Doin'?} Wall Flowers

It's time for another How You Doin'? post - where I take a project I've already done and show you how it's changed over time.

Last spring I made some super quick and easy paper flowers for the big tree in Fin's room.

Since spring is almost here (please tell me it's almost here....please....), I figured it was time to change things up in her room and brighten her tree up with some new flowers.

I searched the internet for fabric flower ideas and kept spotting pictures of pretty fabric peonies.  Every tutorial I found involved some sort of syntehtic fabric (i.e. rayon) and a candle.  I looked at a few different ideas and then took the basic premise and gave it a try.

I hauled out some left over fabric that I had (from Fin's Halloween costume), my trusty scissors and a candle, and started up a little fabric flower factory on our coffee table one evening.

Easy DIY Fabric Peonies

Here's the quick and dirty guide:
1. Cut out a square of fabric.  No need to be pretty - jagged edges will just melt away.
2. Cut 4 slits in the square.
3. Hold the fabric up to the candle (but not touching the flame) until the edges start to melt.  (this is the point in which you tell yourself you will never wear synthetic fabric on your skin again for fear of melting...this is also the step where you will fine the sweet spot of the candle....that spot where the fabric melts but you don't scorch your fingers).
4. Smooth our your petals by making sure they are all curling in the same direction.
5. Repeat steps 1-4 with smaller squares until you have 3 or 4 layers of petals.  Layer the petals on top of one another, just slightly offset.
6. Push a yellow thumb tack (I bought mine at Staples) through all layers, and attach to the wall.

DIY Fabric Peonies

All I had to do after I had my peonies assembled was to push them into the wall.

Make these easy fabric flowers

Fin LOVES her new flowers.  She loves them so much that she wants to pull them all off the wall (hence why all of hers are very high in the tree).  

Fabric flowers on tree sticker

I am really digging how much dimension it adds to her tree, and how her room now feels ready for some warmer weather.

Fabric Peonies

I also added one bloom to the branch above Fin's new teal dresser

DIY Fabric Peonies with Chalk Paint Dresser

And since this series is inspired by Friends, here's the only spring related Friends clip that I could find. (you will need to click through if you are reading in email)

Spring break - woo hoo!  Bring. It. On.

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  1. very cool!!! i love the 3d flowers!!! the color is amazing, too!

  2. Ok..youre awesome! Great tutorial!

  3. gorgeous! I love the colors too :)

    1. Thank you. I was lucky that I had that colour just hanging around.

  4. Okay, first off, her room is amazing! Second, these are so cool! I love that they are s big and dramatic. Thank you so much for linking up!!
    Xoxo holly

    1. Thanks Holly! Love your site, Im just glad that I had a related project to link up this week :)


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